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“‘Iron snail’ inspires new armor”

I think it’s great how much modern science can learn from the natural world. Our best analytical minds finding amazing “engineering” feats in what are billed as “random adaptations.” Accidents. Iterative changes based solely on survival of the fittest.

And yet, once again, they seem constrained to use anthropomorphic language to describe these amazing “designs.”

“Nature generally uses really weak materials but arranges them in a geometry that amplifies their mechanical properties,” said Ortiz.

So, Nature is “using” materials and “arranging” them in a pattern “designed” or “intended” to amplify their mechanical properties.

Isn’t it just a tad intellectually dishonest to attribute will, purpose, and intent, while maintaining that there is no intelligent force behind it all? How do you continually leap those mental hurdles every day and not end up laughing at yourself?

‘Cuz, lord knows, I’M laughing at you.