DHS Report on Right-Wing Extremists Makes Stars & Stripes

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Abortion, ACLU, BCWYAF, Crooks & Liars, Free Speech, Godwin's Law, LIEberals, Nut Jobs, Racism, Rants, Religion, The Mass Media, Utter Inshanity!, War

There’s a front-page report on the DHS report highlighting the dangers of “right-wing extremists” in today’s Stars & Stripes,  yet strangely I can find nothing about it on their web site.  I wonder if that was an editorial decision to bury the story?  You can’t unprint newspapers, but you can easily delete a link.

There was some speculation that this report was some sort of clever and complex hoax, but Michelle Malkin confirmed it, and the Stars & Stripes has it front page of their print edition, at least here in Germany.

I think this comes under the heading of “boiling the frog slowly.”  They don’t even mention any “credible threat” in the report.  Just a vague sort of “sense” that economic conditions and a black president “might” foment discord by disgruntled right-wingers and disaffected miliatary veterans.

In other words, there are dangerous points of view out there, against which we must be vigilant.   Viewpoints like, illegal immigration is bad, abortion is wrong, or that the President of the United States shouldn’t be running our civilian corporations or determining what content on the Internet is permissible.

What exactly is it that the Left is so afraid of?  So afraid that they have to villify, marginalize, even criminalize conservative viewpoints?  And more importantly, why are we letting them get away with it?

  1. kontan says:

    Is this the one that warned for US vets acting out against the government? NicoleB at nicoleb.org/b2/ mentioned this in her morning post. It’s like a bad episode of 24 acted out before your eyes…lets blame the good guy.

  2. Steve B says:

    The lefties fringe was so worried about Bush’s theocracy and rounding up the gays or arresting liberal bloggers, and yet it is the OBAMA administration that manages to formalize the practice of stigmatizing to the point of criminalizing an entire political demographic, based solely on “feelings.”

    I’d say it was the pot calling the kettle black, but that might be, you know, racist.

  3. muscledaddy says:

    While DHS is out checking bumper stickers in their search for the next blond-haired, blue-eyed domestic terrorist…

    … the enemy is already inside the gates.

    – MuscleDaddy

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