Dandelion Break

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Artsy Fartsy, Photography

That’s it. I’ve officially had enough.  I am hereafter and evermore turning this into a cool, hip, nouveaux-while-still-being-retro art blog.  Edgy, without being pretentious, introspective, without delving too deeply into the maudlin.  Cheeky, irreverant, without being (too) judgemental.   Mostly I’ll be linking OTHER people’s art, but maybe every once in a while, I’ll throw up a photo or drawing of my own.  What’s that, you say?  I have artistic skillz?  I draw?  I photo?  Yes, and you thought I was just one of those low-brow knuckledragging neanderthal conservatives, more interested in securing a fundamentalist theocracy while rounding up transgendereds and forcing all free-thinkers into concentration camps than developing any of the more refined and genteel artistic aspects of what little personality I have?  Sorry, the truth must be known. 

Yes, Virginia, you don’t have to be a liberal to be artistic.  You just have to be a liberal to be accepted in artistic circles.  A subtle, yet important difference.  A pronounced lisp doesn’t hurt either.  Or an excessive and often non-sequitorish use of the word “FABulous!!!”   The wearing of ostentatious and vibrantly colored scarves is, while considered optional, also a mark of the truly artistically avant garde’.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So, in the fist, er, first installment of my new artistic coming out, as it were, I provide you with the following links to some truly FABulous art websites (clicken to embiggen):

Some truly cool graffitti art :


This is one of my favorites:


If you haven’t discovered “XKCD” yet, you need to.  This one just cries out to me, because I’ve wanted to do it so many times:


3-D Painted Rooms:  Kind of like the sidewalk art guy, only indoor.

Two of the above sites were found via The Mung Pie, which is also a very cool art site, the coolness of which is to what I want to someday aspire to become myself.  At.

I found this photo somewhere, no idea where, and thus the utter and appalling lack of attribution, but oh well, it was in the public domain and wasn’t copyrighted, that I could tell anyway, and I thought is was an excellent photo.  Right-click is your friend.  The detail, the texture, the striking eyes, the muted light.  Excellent composition and color.  Huzzah!


I can’t promise to never come unhinged, and revert momentarily to playing the frothing right-wing fascist nutjob you’ve all come to know and tolerate, like that annoying and slightly creepy uncle at the family reunion that no one will openly disown, but neither will they leave their kids or their wallet unattended in his presence.  So, despite already having a blogroll so long as to be ultimately self-defeating, I will be adding an additional category of “Artsty Crap” or some such, wherein to collect and manage all these FABulous art sites.   If you’ve got any recommendations, and are still reading this post at this point, I’d love to hear them.


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