Roe V Wade – True or False

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Abortion, Crooks & Liars, LIEberals, Nut Jobs, Politics, Religion of Pieces, Utter Inshanity!, Women

If the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, then abortions would be illegal.

True or False?


Too good not to post.  From one of those “Might Be Related” links below, comes this cogent, erudite, well-reasoned defense of Roe V. Wade:

Roe v Wade is a Surpreme Court of US case on abortion rights. Roe (not her real identity, though you could wiki her and discover she’s now a pro-life lady. The idiot)

Yeah. Nice.  Go prof-life.  Want to preserve unborn children.  It means you’re an idiot.  Pot meet kettle.

was raped (ed. – no she wasn’t – that part was completely fabricated, as in a big fat stinkin’ LIE.

and wanted to get an abortion but the state she lived in (I can’t remember what and I’m to lazy to wiki it) forbid abortion. They brought the case in the Supreme Court and the Court decided that there should be a right to choose or something along that line,

No, you ignorant douche.  They mythicalled up a never-before-seen-or-heard-of, “Right to Privacy” inherent in the 4th Amendment, which essentially meant that under the protections of the Fourth Amendment, the government was specifically prohibited from preventing what was essentially a “private” action, at least without a search warrant.  Come on, chica.  I don’t even SUPPORT abortion, and I know that much.

and if a State makes a law contrary to that, it would be unconstitutional. To be honest, I can’t remember the judgment, really; we were studying the 14th Amendment more than the right to privacy (even though all the cases were on right to privacy; a right that is not guaranteed in the US Constitution)

Uh, mkay.  Soooo then, uhm, tell me again how the decision in Roe V. Wade IS Constitutional, if the foundational premise supporting it IS NOT?!

 14th Amendment is how the Supreme Court make up their own bunch of Bill of Rights that weren’t guaranteed by the people of the 1700s (since the US Constitution is really the will of the people of the 1700s; it is not at all the will of the people who are currently living in the US. The last amendment was in 1992. It’s horrible; though not as bad as Australian’s, I suppose…).

Ah yes.  The “living document” defense.  Yes, yes.  Standard Lefty talking point:  Our Constitution is an archaic throwback reminiscent of the besotted musings of a bunch of old elitist white guys in wigs.  No application to our modern life whatsover.  Except, you know, for that whole right-to-privacy thing, which of course is so, like TODAY, you know?  And needs to be defended to the last breath. Provided you ever get a chance to TAKE a breath, that is.

One would suppose that for this individual to open her ignorant suck and expound on the virtues of a certain piece of legislation (ed.- No, that wasn’t a typo), one would hope she would at least know what the bloody freakin’ hell she is talking about!  But it’s more along the lines of, “Yeah, there was this case, by these guys, about this stuff, for this one girl, from this place.  And, uh, ABORTION ROCKS, DUDE!  GO OBAMA!”

The only plus is apparently, this abortion survivor can’t vote.  So, yeah, we got that going for us.

  1. Two Dogs says:

    That would be a false, sir. Roe v. Wade is patently unconstitutional and if you check your dictionary, there is a picture of Roe v. Wade right next to the word FAIL.

  2. Two Dogs says:

    There was supposed to be a “but” at the beginning of the second sentence. Now I have written two comments that make no sense.

  3. Steve B says:

    Are you sure about that? I mean, the way you hear everybody talk about it, one slip of the Supreme Court’s pen, and it’s automatically back to the reporductive Dark Ages, back alley abortions and womens’ lives being ruined by the terrible burden of an unwanted child.

    I read it on the Internet. It MUST be true!

  4. Two Dogs says:

    I am pretty sure that overturning the federal ruling that wimmen could kill their children would not stop some particular wimmen from killing their children.

    I am positive that Cali and Michigan have laws that expressly encourage wimmen to kill their children. Along with huge money to accomplish that task.

    You and I both know exactly how dumb and feckless the government is, you probably more having dealt with them in your career, but I still think that the free market does a much better job reducing and ultimately ending the trend toward more wimmen killing their babies.

    There doesn’t exist a single person that doesn’t know to their very core that abortion is wrong, I just don’t understand how some people can actually give money to the vampires that promote it.

    All that said, the monumental leap forward that we have seen of idiotarians moving into places of authority doesn’t bode well for the future in the lives of sane people. And the Republicans allowing the media to continually frame them as a back-biting group of doofuses doesn’t help matters. The ever growing line of people on the right that keeps going after Rush Limbaugh is just stunning to me and I DON’T EVEN LISTEN TO RUSH!

    WE are in for some weird crap in the near future.

  5. Kevin Baker says:

    False. Aside from the fact that the legality of abortion prior to Roe was a matter decided by individual states, at the same time Roe was decided a second case, Doe v. Bolton was also. It was Bolton that made abortion-on-demand legal. Roe ostensibly restricted it to the first trimester, but Bolton overrode that.

  6. Bob says:

    Every time an abortionist kills a fetus, a mass of fetal tissue gets its wings.

  7. Steve B says:

    I wonder if Abortionist Hell is to spend eternity buried in aborted “fetuses?” Listening to their pitiful wails?

    Then again, would it really bother them all that much?

    I never understood the mental gymnastics involved in spening your life doing that kind of work. I mean, really, what do you say when you go home after a tough day at planned parenthood, and your wife greets you at the door?

    “Hi honey. How was your day?”

    “Oh, you know, the usual. Although, you know, I got through twelve procedures today! I was really on a roll, I guess. That might even be my personal best!”

    “Oh honey, that’s great! I’m so PROUD of you!”

  8. Two Dogs says:

    Steve, that was a sobering thought.

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