And just so we’re clear, I totally called this one.

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Crooks & Liars, LIEberals, Nut Jobs, Politics

Reid to GOP: It’s your fault if stimulus stalls 

In a Thursday afternoon news conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid urged Senate Republicans not to line up against the bill, and says Republicans will be blamed for any delay in the landmark economic legislation.

And I quote:

I predict that the blame will be placed onto Republicans for failing to show “bi-partisan” support.  Conservatives and Republican lawmakers will be held to blame for their “divisiveness,” rather than address the concept that this piece of legislation was inherently flawed to the point of being ultimately counterproductive. 

Yeah.  I’m just that good.

h/t to MassBackwards for the link.

  1. Somehow the transformation of evil socialized medicine into acceptable Government Health Care for elected conservative republican representatives is telling. They rant and rave against Government Health Care as evil socialized medicine yet every one of them use the plan themselves. It’s more than hypocrisy. It’s corruption wrought by elected conservative republican representation.

    No these corrupt conservative republican representatives are already the first in line to get their hands on bail out money they themselves voted against.

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