OBAMA! Deliver us from….uh…?!

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Celebrating Diversity, Economics, Election 2008, Obamania, Parenting, Politics, Racism

I know I said that the blogging was off for a while, but this question has been burning its way through my brain for a while now, and I’m simply just dying to find the answer.  So here goes:

Just what exactly is it that Pres. Obama is supposed to deliver us out of?  The sweeping rhetoric during most of his campaign, and the rallying cry of his fervent followers is that Pres. O! will right what is wrong, and deliver the downtrodden people of America from….what?  In all seriousness.

Everyone seems to point to the last “eight years,” as though only in the last eight years has our country devolved into some sort of nightmarish monster, and Pres. O! is the dragon slayer come to rescue the defenseless villagers from the menace of….what?

Why just the last eight years?  Because there was a Democrat president before that, so of course things couldn’t have been that bad?   It’s the sole responsibility of one Republican president that drove this country into the ground in just eight years, and only through the vision and greatness of O-ba-Ma! can we hope to recover?

So please, in all seriousness, if there is some minority reader out there, a black or hispanic or some other group who feels that Barack Obama is somehow this Ghandi or some other visionary who will lead you out of your circumstances, please tell me what exactly those circumstances are.  Because I’m just not seeing it.  Or at least, I’m just not seeing how Pres. Obama is somehow the magical cure for whatever ails you.

Is Barack Obama going to somehow resolve the problems of innner-city single mothers raising teens at risk from gangs and drugs?  Will he solve teen pregnancy once and for all?  Broken marriages, unfaithful husbands and wives?  Will he somehow magically bring economic prosperity to areas suffering from urban blight and business flight?  How?  What makes him so different that he will somehow be able to miraculously solve problems that have been plaguing Presidents – both Democrat and Republican – for the last 30 years or more?

How will Barack Obama “finally” free the black men and women of this country from their chains?  And of what are those chains made?  What oppression do you suffer?  And how is it Barack Obama that will fix it?  I’ve seen t-shirts with His image overlaid with those of Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman.  Harriet Tubman, who helped slaves escape to the North, and Freedom.  MLK who helped break down long-standing racial and social barriers, the catalyst to sweeping changes in integration and equal rights for minorities.  And so now Barack Obama steps up and ushers in the next era of…what?  He can’t help free the slaves, get blacks the vote, or secure equal access for minorities.  IT’S.  BEEN.  DONE.  ALREADY.

So, what is this next great barrier, this next level of oppression that B.O. is supposed to break through, to bring freedom and release from?  What EXACTLY is it that he is saving you from?

Please help me understand.

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Obama is freeing everyone from thought and responsibility. Bottom line.

  2. Steve B says:

    Dude, I have to send you a link. It basically answers this post, in that, Obama has given black people an example of how to look, and act, and oh, so THIS is how I’m supposed to treat my wife, by watching him with Michelle.

    It is serious Messiah, spiritual leader and mentor stuff.

    Scary as hell.

  3. Stephen R says:

    First off — grey text on black == hard to read. The redesign isn’t bad, but please, please please at least make the content text white.

    As to what’s wrong with the last eight years — Obamacrats will say that Bush started the war, and Bush destroyed the economy (despite a recession that was rolling when he took office), and that Bush undermined the Constitution (the Patriot Act — never mind how much things like welfare or gun control undermine the Constitution….)

    I’m not saying their answers are *right* of course, just that their is clearly a response to your question.

    And in the news today, Obama has said that he will close Gitmo within a year. No report of what he’s going to do with all the people we’re holding there….

  4. Steve B says:

    Me likey the new them.

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