A few thoughts on the all the Gaza “Peace” protests…

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Guns, Islam, Nut Jobs, Racism, Religion, Religion of Pieces, War

I’m sorry, but if you have a burning molotav cocktail in your hand, arm cocked back to throw, you have lost your status as “peaceful protestor” or even “activist” and moved right up into “combatant.”  And I will shoot you dead’r-n-shit.  Twice.

If you charge at me, bandana over your face, screaming unintelligible gibberish about allah akbar and his cousins fatwah and jihad, all the while swinging a club, baseball bat, or tire iron, I will assume that you intend me grievous bodily harm, and will respond accordingly.   In the form of shooting you dead’r-n-shit.

Perhaps someone ought to pass these ideas and concepts along to the many police forces currently getting their collective asses kicked, or at least, being complete marginalized and utterly mocked as rioters run rampant through the streets smashing, looting and burning.  You know, all those tradtionally “peaceful” ways to express your angst.

They are not protestors. They are terrorists and violent thugs, and should be dealt with accordingly.

In a related corollary:  Name me ONE time that Hamas has EVER honored a cease-fire for longer than a week?  Yeah.

  1. asdjfdlkf says:

    Post-war leftists have always had a strong streak of fascism in them – striving for ‘action’ above all reason, hero worship, love of dictatorships, casual resort to bullying if not outright terrorism, a smug ability to outright lie (and believe the lie), a desire to change the meanings of everyday words to mean their opposite, thinking always in terms of ‘groups’ (race, ethnicity, etc) and their characteristics, hatred of jews (disguised as hatred of ‘capitalism’ and ‘globalisation’).

  2. Two Dogs says:

    The fact that you even have to write this post confuses the ever lovin’ crap outta me. Ayn Rand saw the problems early in the 1930s and then saw even more crap starting to churn in the 1970s. You should read some of her newsletters from 1971 and 1972. Stunning in their accuracy.

  3. lifepundit says:

    When I saw the photos where they dressed their kids like suicide bombers, much like we would dress our kids in miniature baseball uniforms and have their photos shot at Wal-Mart or wherever, they lost me. Golda Meir said something along the lines that there will never be peace as long as they hate the Jews more than they love their children.

    Good post, and I appreciate the education. Before a few minutes ago, I didn’t know how to spell “dead’r-n-shit.”

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