The Eighth Deadly Sin – Wealth

Posted: December 24, 2008 in BCWYAF, Crooks & Liars, Economics, LIEberals, Nut Jobs, Politics, Utter Inshanity!

Mean ol’ Meany  (aka Joe-Six-pack) has managed to distill down into its essential essence the fundamental flaw in a great deal of the Robin-hoodesque tax-the-rich-to-subsidize-the-poor mentality prevelant in so much of Prog ideology.  Since I’ve both linked AND attributed it, I feel safe in reposting the whole damn thing here, because, well, it’s just that awesome:

I got into it with someone today that believes that taxing the Top Five Percenters a whole bunch of dough is a good idea. Please, the only people that do not see that concept is meant to make everyone live in poverty is stupid.

Lemme ‘splain.

If you break the country down into the twenty different five percent parts you have a starting five percent of the population that makes more money than everyone else. If you tax those five percenters at a greater percentage than the 90% folks, eventually, the 95% folks and the 90% folks change places, get it?

There is always going to be a wealthiest five percent of the population until everyone is reduced to the least salary. Are you too fucking stupid to understand that?

Do you honestly want your lawn-boy and your ophthalmologist to make the same money?

Smart people say NO.

This is without a doubt the single most succinct, insightful and clear explanation of the whole stupid mess that I’ve read.  Seriously.

I mean, who gets to decide how much it’s okay to make?  At what level do they stop “trimming” the “fat?”

And nevermind that the top 10%, by making the most money, are also consistently buying the most durable and consumable goods, goods the production, marketing, distribution and sale of which keeps a whole lot of people employed!

Take away the “excess” discretionary income of the nasty (ptooie) Rich People, and unemployment WILL go up, cuz da rich fokes stop be buying shit. So then we tax people more to pay for the benefits of all these umemployed people, the less rich people now have even less money, therefore buy less, cashiers and stock clerks at Wal-Mart get laid off, who then apply for unemployment benefits….See the cycle?

Why can’t Progs get this?

A healthy economy results from people making AND SPENDING  money.  Not making money and then giving it all to the government.  The best way to spread the wealth around is to feed it through the cash register first!

Face it:  somebody is always going to be prettier, stronger, smarter, faster, more popular, a better dancer, a better artist, or (heaven-forbid) RICHER than you.  That’s not unfaaaaaaaaairrrrrrr….that’s just life.   Taxing the rich just because you think they’re too rich is like screeching and throwing paint on the Prom queen’s dress because you just hate, Hate, HATE how much prettier and more popular she is than you!!1!!11!!   The bitch.

Sour grapes is not a good foundation for sound economic policy.

  1. Thomas Jackson says:


    Look at the Havard MBA program. Its not the brightest who go but the most connected. How many didn’t go to Exeter or Phillips Andover? Forget about the richest 5% lets tax the richest 200 people at a 90% rate starting with that bastard Buffet.

    Why is Buffet a bastard, because he forever rants about wanting to pay higher taxes and uses shelters to avoid paying them in every way he can and to avoid the death taxes he will create a foundation. Such mind blowing dishonesty merits harsh treatment.

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