I got yer global warming right here, pal.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Crooks & Liars, Economics, Global Warming, Politics, Science, Utter Inshanity!

Region paralyzed by snow

Snowplow crews worked furiously Thursday against a wintry onslaught that dropped record amounts of snow over the Inland Northwest, repeating a pattern left from the brutal 2007-’08 winter.

At nearly 2 feet, the snow was so deep that it forced Spokane crews to focus on major arterial routes in an effort to keep the city from being completely choked.

Stores and government offices closed. Workers stayed home on the advice of authorities on both sides of the state line.

Forecasters warned that there may not be much time to dig out, and the work will have to be done in single-digit temperatures today and Saturday.

Another snowstorm could bring 5 inches or more Sunday with yet another storm in the offing for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Spokane ended up with 23.3 inches over 34 hours ending at 4 p.m. Thursday. Coeur d’Alene had 25 inches by Thursday morning. Other locations had more.

It was the most snow received in both Spokane and Coeur d’Alene in a 24-hour period since record-keeping began.

Now, I’m not an atmospheric scientist, or a Nobel-laureate sitting on the UN Climate Change panel, and I didn’t help invent the Internet, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Okay, not really.  But I did have a nice continental-style breakfast this morning, so that ought to be close enough.

See, I’m kinda wondering how the Global Warming “exspurts” are going to be able to cook these numbers to make it fit the trend graph?  Here in Germany there are having more snow in my area than they’ve had any of the last five years.

So, let’s recap shall we?  NASA basically puts a stake into global warming’s liver by (rather grudgingly) revealing that a great deal of the hysteria around globular varmening is based on completely bogus data.

Shrill chest beaters declare that if the polar ice cap melts, then sea level will rise by a CATASTROPHIC 20 feet!  Except that, the North Polar ice cap is completely free floating.  There is no land mass underneath.  It is, in effect, one giant ice cube.  Which if it all melted, would result in a net DROP in sea level due to some pretty basic hydrodynamics.  Jr High chemistry and physics (the Archimedes Principle – Google it!).  But it doesn’t read as well in the headlines that way.

There is snow in southern California.  Las Vegas.  The ever-mutha-frickin’ D-E-S-E-R-T.  So how do gaseous, corpulent blatherskites like Al Gore still get paid exhorbitant speaking fees to climb up on stage and pound a pulpit about the coming Global Warming CatastropheTM?  Why are they not laughed off the stage?

The fact that there is such an overwhelming and ever-growing sea of evidence completely debunking the severity, impact, and/or causality, nay, the very existence of anthropogenic global warming, and yet it is still heralded by the likes of  Barack Obama as one of the single greatest concerns facing our nation and world today, suggests to me that there is a great deal more going on here than noble, well-intentioned science.

It’s about pushing the g/w agenda in order to force compliance with an ever more extensive and intrusive series of rules and regulations and policies designed to centralized authority, remove personal autonomy, and destroy nationa sovereignty.  For our own good, of course.  Actually, no.  For the good of the earth.  Mother Gaia and all that.  Your own personal well-being be damned.

And if you can’t see that, you deserve what is coming to you.

  1. blacknright says:

    Global warming-yeah right! Like Mother Earth is up there going-“Is that a frickin’ lightbulb or is it just hot in here?” Give me a break. You want me to believe that the light in my lightbulb penetrates my ceiling, makes it into the atmosphere and changes the frickin temperature of the sun? Do I look stupid? The whole premise is insane!

    Hey Lefties, if you believe in global warming, well I know a big bunny with a basket of colored eggs named Peter who would love to meet you

  2. Carin says:

    Ahem. Climate CHANGE. See, it could be warming, cooling, drying, or wetting up. It’s all covered.

    What’s your answer NOW Mr. Smarty Pants?

    Teh Goracle will rule us ALL!

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