Franken-stein rises from the dead.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Crooks & Liars, Election 2008, LIEberals, Politics

As the continuing travesty of Al Franken’s blatant attempt to cornhole the electoral process in Minnesota senatorial election continues continuing, I have a brave and cutting edge prediction to make.

Right about the time he is “found” to have enough votes to clinch the election, all the recounts will miraculously stop.

Because, well, that’s just what they DO.

I seem to remember a certain series of Florida recounts that also seemed to continually pump up mostly Al Gore numbers.  And the Dems then screamed bloody murder because they weren’t allowed to keep finding more “mistaken” votes and other such nonsense until they won.

Looks like they might finally get their way this time.  Only this time it won’t be a “stolen” election, it will be vindication and preserving the accuracy and validity of the ballot process, and then I will go vomit in my kitchen.

We’re starting to make the third world look like a bunch of freakin’ saints when it comes to this election thing.

  1. Carin says:

    and then I will go vomit in my kitchen.

    Don’t you have a bathroom? ‘Cause, dude, that’s just gross.

  2. John Emerson says:

    Do you have a single bit of evidence that the election is being stolen, or are you just making things up? Have you been paying attention at all? Do you think that you can just make fact-free accusations and have people believe you, just because your candidate lost?

    The process in Minnesota is transparent and the various problems have been openly dealt with. Republicans have been involved at every stage.

    The total margin in the first count was 0.007%. If it shifts to Franken up by 100, as predicted, that will be a total swing of about 0.01%. Even if you start from the rough unofficial phonein count on election night, the total swing would only be about 0.015%. A few hundred votes are tiny out of 2.9 million.

    It was a very close election and someone had to lose. And we don’t know who won yet, because there’s no winner until the recount’s over.

  3. Steve B says:

    My OPINION is that the recount will be over just as soon as Franken takes the lead. I don’t need to provide a whole lot of evidence in order to have a wild-ass opinion.

    I merely find it strangely coincident that the huge majority of the “found” votes seem to overwhelmingly support Franken. A few hundred votes may be “tiny” but if they go almost exclusively towards one candidate who was losing by a “few” hundred votes, then it becomes significant, wouldn’t you agree?

    If they start conting smudges, tea stains, and hanging chads as votes for Franken, it will just like deja vu all over again.

  4. Steve B says:

    Carin – I think that was the point. The potent visual imagery implying my utter, overwhelming naseua at the whole thing.

    I guess I have to wonder if Franken had been ahead by 700 votes at the outset, if Coleman would have gotten the same level of fervor and “discovery” of lost votes if he had demanded a recount?

  5. John Emerson says:

    The total NET shift at this point is 750 or so votes out of 29.9 million, or something like .02 %. There were votes shifting in both directions. 2/3 of that net shift was between the election night unofficial phone report and the official report the next day. The Coleman has had plenty of time to look over those results, and they’re not claiming fraud.

    Minnesota has had more Republican than Democratic Senators over the last 30 years. There’s a tradition of clean elections and no history of scandals. Minnesota Republicans (except for Powerline and Captain Whozits) are not claiming fraud.

    Franken did NOT demand a recount. The recount was automatic according to Minnesota law. Coleman did NOT win. By law there will be no winner until the recount is over, and maybe not until Coleman’s court challenges are decided. (There’s nothing wrong with Coleman suing. That’s the way the game is played. And yes, I did say “Coleman”. He’s the one who’s taken it to court just now.)

    It’s a close election. In a normal election a 0.02% shift wouldn’t be noticed. It’s just that it could be decisive in this election.

    What you’re saying is an insult to the state of Minnesota, including the Republicans here. A lot of people, including Republicans, are working to get a good count. You don’t have to like Franken or agree with him, but talking about fraud with no evidence is scummy.

  6. John Emerson says:

    2.9 million

  7. Steve B says:

    Okay, I’m willing to give the fine folks of Minnesotat the benefit of the doubt. And if objective, non-partisan sources close to the situation are not seeing a disproportionate or statistically improbably increase in Franken’s numbers over Coleman’s as a result of the numerous clerical errors, ballots in the backseat, and other administrative oversights, well then welcome Senator Franken. I hope you serve your constituency well.

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