Explaining abortion to an 11 year old

Posted: December 9, 2008 in Abortion, Christianity, Parenting

So, we’re all sitting around the dinner table, having a variety of discussions as we often do, and the Medium Sized child throws this one out on the table and lets it flop around for a second:

“Dad, what’s ‘abortion?'”

GULP! Cue slightly stunned and discomfited pause the Imperial Wife and myself. Uh……

“Hon, that’s not really a good question to ask at the dinner table.”

“Hmmm.  Okaaaaay…”

But, we could tell that that only made him even more curious.  So, after one of those quick eye contact/meaningful glances between the two parental units, resulting in the requisite unspoken agreement, the Wife lays it out there:

“Abortion is killing a baby before it’s born.”


He didn’t ask any follow up questions.  Kind of a conversation killer, I guess.  That, and I suppose that it’s pretty much self-explanatory.  I asked him where he heard about abortion, and he said it was in one of the news stories he read during class. 

I guess it’s one of those inevitable questions in today’s day and age, but it’s certainly nothing you look forward to having to do:  explaining to your children that there is a whole industry out there dedicated to killing babies before they are born.   I have to wonder how that gets processed in his mind, where does it get filed?

This after years of telling him how we had nicknames for him in the womb, how I used to read him Frog and Toad stories with my head resting against my wife’s pregnant stomach, how I used to love feeling him press against my head with an elbow or foot as he moved around in there.

I’m rather hoping that the whole concept of abortion always bothers him as much as it does me.

  1. kontan says:

    Had that one last week. Gave the same answer. No follow-up. I’m waiting for more questions though. Eleven, what a lovely age of curiousity.

  2. Two Dogs says:

    I guess the old “Shut up and eat your porridge,” didn’t work on that question?

  3. Candy says:

    I love that you read Frog and Toad to him.

  4. iamtheenemy says:

    I started a blog today about this sort of stuff so I’d love it if you’d post. (iamtheenemy.wordpress.com)

    I made the mistake a while back of posting to “Abortion info the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth” on lifejournal – I told the story of my wife and my 14 year secret abortion which we started talking about last year. I was unceremoniously called a liar and booted off.

    My daughter is 13 and when she was 12 we were convicted to being speaking about our abortion to women at Planned Parenthood. So we told our daughter (not wanting her to find out in a different way) – my son was 10. I was surprised how well it went – but my daughter did cried and was silent for over two hours when told the truth about her lost sibling.

    As Christians we need to expose the lie of abortion and it starts with our children so I encourage you.

  5. iamtheenemy says:

    Crud, I forgot to check the email me box, so I’m posting again. I made some big typos in my post…

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