Thoughts for the day #875, etc.

Posted: November 20, 2008 in Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Economics, Politics, Religion

Of course I think my religious beliefs are right, and yours are wrong.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t BE my religious beliefs, now would they?!  What kind of mental gymnastics does it take to come to the place where you can say, “All approaches to religious faith are equally valid.”  Bull-puckey.  What you are really saying is that, “Yeah, I’m probably really off base on this whole God thing, so chances are, your guess is as good as mine.”

Uh…yeah.  If that’s your approach, then you either really need to do your homework, or just go ahead and call yourself an agnostic, cuz, if you don’t have any kind of confidence in what you believe, then they aren”t “Beliefs” but rather, “generalized assumptions and half-assed guesses based on little more than feel-good groupthink.

Which, of course, is what the anti-religionists what you to think anyway, so hey, you’re in.


I still think that the change Obama is the most interested in is the change in my pocket, the ashtray of my car, and whatever he can shake loose from between the couch cushions.

When a bully steals a kid’s lunch money, is that still called spreading the wealth around?  If I have two shoes, does that mean I should give one of them to someone with no shoes, so that we’ll both at least have one?  And by one, I mean, one cold, bruised, chafed foot.   Better that we both be miserable than only one of us.

Of course, now that you’ve taken away my shoe, I can no longer make my deliveries on foot, which means I lose my job, and all those old shoes that I used to donate to goodwill and the church when I got new ones or outgrew them?  Yeah, those are gone.  I can’t afford to donate to the poor anymore.  But hey, now you’ve got a shoe!


So, I have to wonder, right about the time ol’ B.O. starts cleaning house, replacing judges, and kicking people out the door left and right, will there be a great hue and cry like there was when Bush fired a few?  Will the media and lefty pundits cry foul and demand an investigation, or will they laud B.O. for his vision in clearing out the dead wood, separating the wheat from the chaff, etc?  I think we all know which one it will be now, don’t we?

And of course, I’m curious as to how Congress will treat Obama’s judicial nominees.  When they stonewalled and fillibustered Bush’s nominees, they were defending ideological purity by forestalling a wash of right-wing appointees that would upset the “balance.”   I’m pretty sure that if/when Barry opens the sluicegates on a bunch of hard-Left nominees, and the Republicans predictably balk, we can probably expect to hear all sorts of mournful cries from the Dems about PARTISANSHIP, and reactionary opposition to change, and of course, RACISM.  Just wait.  If I’m wrong, I buy the beer.

  1. Arzate says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

  2. M. Patterson says:

    Well written. I’ll have to remember those nicknames for Obama. That was priceless.

  3. kontan says:

    I prefer mixed drinks, but I’ll probably have to buy my own.

  4. Stephen R says:

    The first part mails something I’ve thought for a long time. I figure if I were still Christian, I would be one of those guys knocking on doors proselytizing. After all, if you **really** believe that anyone who doesn’t accept Christ is going to burn in Hell for eternity, how can you in good conscience NOT try to save as many people as you can?

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure the first comment on this post (from “Arzate”) is spam.

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