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Posted: November 13, 2008 in ACLU, Blitherings, Celebrating Diversity, Free Speech, Global Warming, Godwin's Law, LIEberals, Politics, Utter Inshanity!

Update:  I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Resistance is futile?

Coming from the demographic that has historically been the most vein-in-the-forehead, screechingly, spittle-fleckingly opposed to a draft for the military, one has to wonder why the new standard bearer for the Progressive Utopian VisionTM is now marketing the idea of compulsory service as a core patriotic duty?

Hitler Jugend

Hitler Jugend

And just why do you suppose that it’s targeted at our high school and college age youth?  Via Wikipedia:

The HJ was organized into corps under adult leaders, and the general membership comprised boys aged fourteen to eighteen. From 1936, membership of the HJ was compulsory for all young German men.

The HJ was organized into local cells on a community level.

For example, many HJ activities closely resembled military training, with weapons training, assault course circuits and basic strategy.

Me, I’m wondering why we need a civil defense service. We have the Civil Air Patrol, the Boy Scouts, the Explorer program. Against what are we defending? As well funded as the military? Isn’t that called the National Guard?  The Police? EMS?

There is only one reason you need an organized civilian “militia” made up primarily of young, energetic, and quite impressionable youth.

The HJ maintained training academies comparable to preparatory schools. They were designed to nurture future Nazi Party leaders, and only the most radical and devoted HJ members could expect to attend.

Another branch of the HJ was the Deutsche Arbeiter Jugend – HJ (German Worker Youth – HY). This organization within the Hitler Youth was a training ground for future labor leaders and technicians.

One can only imagine the screeching, flailing flame wars that would ensue where a Republican President to suggest this.  Do you thing that the Nazi analogies wouldn’t be flying thick then?!

Remember towards the end of “The Sound of Music?” All the eager young men in their bright new uniforms, “watching” for “criminal” elements, as in, those who won’t get on board with the program?  It won’t be a neighborhood watch…it will be your neighbors watching YOU.

200px-pioneers_member_pinYou can invoke Godwin’s law all you want, but there’s a reason the Brown Shirt analogy keeps popping up.  Or perhaps, the Young Pioneers in Soviet Russia.

Because it looks and sounds exactly the same. Does anyone really believe that this will just be a domestic peace corps, going around cleaning up graffiti and picking up trash?

Then why is it called a “defense” force? It just fits all too neatly into this grand new socialist paradigm B.O. is preaching.  Expect that this will not go away.  It is an essential element of ground-roots social re-engineering.  Otherwise known as Change©.

It’s in the freakin’ manual. Get the youth first. 1960’s ringing any bells?

Once in power, communist leaders made the transformation of the younger generation central to the attempt to create new communist societies. Because young people lacked prior political experience and were considered more malleable than adults, communist leaders believed they could be transformed into ardent supporters of communism and builders of new socialist societies.

obama_biden_forward_poster_print-p228824279734048682td2a_210Watch as this idea, this program, is steadily retooled, renamed, reinvent and remarketed over time,all to make it sound more palatable and to respond to its detractors.  The words and labels will shift and change to counter opposing rhetoric by making the critics look increasingly petty and confrontational.   The consensus process will be brought to bear to marginalize dissent and encourage conformity through the use of emotion-laden catch phrases and rhetorical questions like, “Surely you care about X” or “You wouldn’t want Y to happen, would you?”  Just like it has with global warming, gay rights, radical environmentalism, and every other Progressive pet program.

It is not paranoia, political partisanship, racism, or ODS to look at the examples history gives us of “boiling the frog slowly,” to draw parallels to today’s burgeoning political trends, and then be watching and prepared for the next steps.  It is simply discernment and prudence.

And yeah, what she said.  Cuba’s “Committee for the Defense of the Revolution

The concept behind the CDRs was to create a citizen force that would reinforce the dictates of Cuba’s government, establishing a kind of omnipresent peer pressure network among next-door neighbors. Leaders of CDRs could put Castro’s every public thought directly and rapidly into the hands of every Cuban, so the government would not have to rely solely on mass media.

So, essentially, yeah.  That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying B.O.’s new militia will become.

  1. Terra says:

    You would really connect our president elect with this foul thing? Really?

  2. Steve B says:

    Yes, I am suggesting that Senator Obama, the nominative President-elect, is attempting to institute a community network of workers and citizen-soldiers to help implement the core of his Change, and to help ensure compliance by bringing social and peer pressure to bear. Creating a culture of compliance to assist and facilitate the implemenation of programs which run counter to our traditional American way of life, and so will need a little extra grease on the gears, so to speak.

    By making it compulsory, by making it para-military, and by targeting youth, I find inescapable parallels between America Serves and similar organizations throughout history.

    I’m perfectly willing to be proven wrong, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

  3. Two Dogs says:

    Steve, there a couple of parts that I take issue with, the first is that I really do not think that Obama is smart enough to be running the show here. I am under the impression that there is someone that is controlling him. I have never seen one smidgen of evidence that he is not a brain dead moron. Seriously, everyone points out that he was the Big Cheese at the Harvard Law Review. For lack of a better definition, the HLR is a student newspaper. WOW!

    The other is the people that you are comparing Obama to actually appear to lurve their countries. Just saying.

    And did you realize that your old PP site on Blogger is still dragging in 4 hits a day? Your last post was in 2006, I think.

  4. Steve B says:

    You make a good point, TD. The amazing and jaw-droppingly obvious pass that B.O. has been given by the media, the fact that his campaign can commit blatant credit card fraud and no one bats an eye, his questionable associations, the fact that he has not YET even provided a valid birth certificate…and yet sailed into the white house, tells me that there are clearly a whole lot of powerful people that want to see him elected.

    Having heard B.O. speak impromptu, without a teleprompter, and then having heard Sarah Palin speak, I cannot comprehend that anyone would continue to praise B.O. as the amazing visionary, and then call Palin “stupid.” She could speak rings around that moron.

    That said, I think that if he is a figurehead, then he’s a figurehead for people that believe what he does. And that we have to watch what he does, because he’s going to make a lot of things happen that a true American should not want.

  5. Terra says:

    Did you feel Palin “won” the debate with Biden? (I just have to know.)

  6. Steve B says:

    Didn’t see that debate, so can’t really say.

    And I guess I have to say, I shouldn’t call Obama a moron. He’s clearly not stupid either.

    But to dismiss Sarah Palin out of hand is a best willful ignorance, at worst highly partisan misogyny.

    Biden is a better speaker than Obama, but he’s also a master of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or, as I like to call it, “spilling the beans.”

  7. Terra says:

    I don’t dismiss Palin out of hand, she stands for things I don’t. However, I think she is a strong person and a strong voice. Once again she isn’t the type of person I would vote for (I have republican and democrat ideas but lean to the democrat a little more.)

    I am not comfortable with her for many reasons, but the main thing is like I said I don’t feel she would represent me well. That isn’t to say I couldn’t talk with her and like her, our idea of what is good for the country is different.

    I asked about the debate because I felt she didn’t know the issues well at all, she repeatedly didn’t answer the questions, and Biden (for once) didn’t go on the attack and took it easy on her. Now I am want to be clear though, I do not think she is stupid, I think she is uninformed.

    I like Biden if for no other reason his history on Woman’s issues. I would totally give him my vote for president, unfortunately it wouldn’t work. He doesn’t have media appeal, and comes off wrong to often. Now if we based our vote on voting records alone (which of course wouldn’t work because not all presidential nominees have voting records, but isn’t my point), I think he would overwhelmingly get the woman’s vote. (With notable exception for some such as the right to life woman, but even those woman if they looked past that to his other stuff.)

    I just don’t like anyone being compared to Hitler, you could see it being done with Bush 4 years ago and you would see some do it with McCain had he been the one to win the election. I think it is something that just should be out of bounds, not because of historical reasons but because I feel (notice feel that is important) that to many people are uneducated and take way to much out of it. You can see an example with that whatever he was that suggested that Obama was like Hitler via his socialist leanings… Well come on? How can someone be both socialist and Nazi? It just doesn’t work…

  8. Steve B says:

    Maybe it is hair splitting, but I’m not calling Obama a Hitler. I don’t think he has aspirations of world domination or anything.

    However, I do see some disturbing similarities in programs and polilcies he champions, and those of some of history’s less savory leaders and governments. I would just prefer those policies not be implemented here.

    Thanks for the great comments.

  9. Terra says:

    I won’t lie, I voted for Obama, I have my reasons. However, I will note that if he does do this civilian whatever thing, and it is compulsory, I will object. I will be out there telling everyone I know, and writing all sorts of letters to every major player I can, making all the noise I can. (Just as I plan to do if that spy with no criminal activity thing that Bush is intending on doing.) And as I do that, I will be hoping that all sorts of other people will be doing the same thing, otherwise the effort is wasted.

    Anyway, I don’t object to the idea itself, but I do object to the compulsory idea of it. Letting kids do community service to help pay for their college educations, great idea. Make kids do community service to pay for a college education (that they might want and might not want) I am against.

    I like you, and I like that you aren’t uneducated enough to draw these parallels from the socialist = Hitler idea, that makes no sense. Therefore I will do something I wouldn’t normally do I will explain myself. (With my reaction to your blog.) In my surfing of blogs on wordpress of the articles that are similar to yours in comparison, most rely on abstract thoughts, and completely out there thoughts. Other than yours two have mentioned a correlation with Hitler based on this civil service idea. Over a dozen were based on the socialist and therefore Hitler thing, and around fifty are because of things like “they both draw large crowds”, “they both came into power”, “they both have to much self worth”… Those thoughts annoy me, they have no basis, after all if Palin drinks coffee and I drink coffee does that make us the same? I am sure that you can understand why those would be distressing…

    Thank you for your time, I always appreciate when someone takes the time to detail out their thoughts…

  10. Steve B says:

    I try to base my opposition to Mr. Obama in concretes. I will admit to be a tad disurbed to the amazing — I guess I have no other word for it — adulation heaped on Obama — and he hasn’t done anything! People are painting him out to be the hero of the downtrodden, but there is really no actual substance behind it. He promised them great things…promises on which he has already begun to backpeddle.

    My opposition to Obama is not because of emotional over-reaction, Vast Left Wing Conspriacy theories, or whatever. It’s based on things that HE HIMSELF has said. Things like “spreading the wealth around” and “fixing the flaws” in the Constitution.

    Obama is the next great thing. But he is also a socialist. If you like his ideas, you’ll like him. There is no doubt he’s very charismatic.

    Me, I just happen to think socialism, communism lite, or whatever we’re going to call it, will destroy our economy quicker than anything the Bush-bashers can lay on the Repbulicans.

    And BTW, NAZI stands for National Socialist Workers Party. Contrary to popular belief, Fascism is an strange mishmash of both left and right wing extremism. To my mind it favors more the left/socialism paradigm, but then I’m a rightie, so who knows?

  11. Stephen R says:

    “I asked about the debate because I felt she didn’t know the issues well at all, she repeatedly didn’t answer the questions, and Biden (for once) didn’t go on the attack and took it easy on her. Now I am want to be clear though, I do not think she is stupid, I think she is uninformed.”

    Biden sounded more authoritative than Palin in the debates, but that is only because he (authoritatively) made several massive and glaring factual errors (see here and here for starters). He said stuff that simply wasn’t so, but he said it like he meant it, so people didn’t notice and, as usual, the media gave it a complete pass. His performance in the debate resembled nothing less than Cliff Clavin on speed.

    Palin was less willing to just ramble on if she didn’t entirely know the topic… and of course knowing that the same media would be combing through her every utterance looking for the tiniest errors. (This is the same media that was so busy reporting that Palin doesn’t know that Africa is a continent, or the cost of her wardrobe.)

    “You can see an example with that whatever he was that suggested that Obama was like Hitler via his socialist leanings… Well come on? How can someone be both socialist and Nazi? It just doesn’t work…”

    The work “Nazi” is a shortening of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which translates as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Hitler rose to power on socialist rhetoric.

    The reason the “Obama Youth” thing resembles Hitler’s methods is that both recognize that if you want to radically change the outlook of a nation, indoctrinate the young, as early and as thoroughly as possible. It’s a very old saying: The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. The fact that the mandatory (for most intents and purposes) public school system is so thoroughly steeped in leftist though has already had a massive effect on our country. Without that over the last forty years, getting people when they’re very young, someone as far left as Obama never could have been elected.

  12. Terra says:

    I realize that is what was said, and that is what NAZI started out with, but that isn’t who Hilter was or what it (NAZI) ended up being. It doesn’t change the fact that we have had socialism in our system (our tax structure has always been socialist), and it doesn’t change the fact that capitalism and socialism in “pure” forms don’t work well. Put them together and they work together, different aspects are needed in each.

    I realize what the Nazi idea started out being, but I also realize what it ended up being. Winning on the idea of socialism in that country at that time, is like winning on capitalism in the US, it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t see anything that is “radical” in what he he wants to change. Little differences are made to be HUGE when running for president, but his ideas are really not radical.

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