Countdown to …..?

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Blitherings

With only a few days left until the election, I am flumoxed, nonplussed, flabbergasted, and a variety of other adjectives at the continuing presence of Barak Obama in the race.  Not just in the race, but still with a viable shot at the title. And they used to call Bill Clinton, “Teflon Bill.”

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight:

Barak Obama:

  • Known and unrepudiated association with an unrepentant domestic terrorist.
  • On record as supporting militant socialist and marxist ideologies…in his own words!
  • His campaign has allowed massive unvalidated and therefore untraceable campaign donations via his website.  Transactions made possible only throught direct and complex action to disable the certification process.
  • Openly supports “redistributing the wealth.” 
  • Fails to answer direct questions about his political policy views.
  • Has taken active steps to suppress unflattering public commentary through judicial action. (otherwise know as violating free speech).
  • The same camp that has cried for birth certificates of Sarah Palin’s children has failed to provide transcripts of Obama’s time at Columbia.

John McCain

  • Uh…is unpopular with Democrats.

This is no longer about just politics.  This has moved quite beyond the fact that B.O. is a Democrat.  This is not (and never has been) about race.  This is about the kind of person we are trying to elect as president.  This is about having a true and realistic appraisal of the character, personal views, and political predilections of the future commander in chief.

This man, Barak Obama, is NOT THAT MAN.  This individual, quite apart from his party affiliation, has as his core personal philosophy views and values that are directly antithetical to those principles upon which this nation was founded.  He will, by his own admission and profession, work to CHANGE the “flaws” in the Constitution to bring it more in line with his views on social justice and redistribution.

How this is even remotely a possibility, how B.O. is still allowed airtime, sickens me, disturbs me, and frankly even frightens me a little.

I pray that November 4th proves all the polls wrong.  No, really, I’m literally praying throught this one.


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