I only have this to say about that…

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Blitherings

When I hear the politicians try to assure me that all the stock and controlling interests they’ve just bought in several of the nation’s core financial institutions will be sold back over time, as the situation improves, I cannot help but hear a voice in my head saying something akin to…

“These extraordinary powers you’ve just given me will be only be held for the the duration of the current emergency…”

When, when, WHEN has the government ever given back any power that it’s been permitted?  How many times have you heard about taxes being levied to be be paid for this or that program or facility, except that when the bridge/road/stadium is finally built, they then cry that they can’t “afford” to lose the extra “tax income” or the government will not be able to continue to perform all of its functions?

I want to see RECEIPTS for every stock option and share that you sell back.  And what do you bet, that if they ever DO actually sell the interests back to the bank, rather than actually pay it towards the National Debt, they promise to great things, great ambitious, noble social programs and entitlements with all of “sudden influx” of unbudgeted cash.

They’ll be like the people washed out of New Orleans that, when presented with a wad of cash to fix the roof and drain the basement, instead go on a cruise, buy a flat screen TV, put a tarp across the rafters, and call the basement their “indoor pool?”

Nah, that’d never happen.


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