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Countdown to …..?

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Blitherings

With only a few days left until the election, I am flumoxed, nonplussed, flabbergasted, and a variety of other adjectives at the continuing presence of Barak Obama in the race.  Not just in the race, but still with a viable shot at the title. And they used to call Bill Clinton, “Teflon Bill.”

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight:

Barak Obama:

  • Known and unrepudiated association with an unrepentant domestic terrorist.
  • On record as supporting militant socialist and marxist ideologies…in his own words!
  • His campaign has allowed massive unvalidated and therefore untraceable campaign donations via his website.  Transactions made possible only throught direct and complex action to disable the certification process.
  • Openly supports “redistributing the wealth.” 
  • Fails to answer direct questions about his political policy views.
  • Has taken active steps to suppress unflattering public commentary through judicial action. (otherwise know as violating free speech).
  • The same camp that has cried for birth certificates of Sarah Palin’s children has failed to provide transcripts of Obama’s time at Columbia.

John McCain

  • Uh…is unpopular with Democrats.

This is no longer about just politics.  This has moved quite beyond the fact that B.O. is a Democrat.  This is not (and never has been) about race.  This is about the kind of person we are trying to elect as president.  This is about having a true and realistic appraisal of the character, personal views, and political predilections of the future commander in chief.

This man, Barak Obama, is NOT THAT MAN.  This individual, quite apart from his party affiliation, has as his core personal philosophy views and values that are directly antithetical to those principles upon which this nation was founded.  He will, by his own admission and profession, work to CHANGE the “flaws” in the Constitution to bring it more in line with his views on social justice and redistribution.

How this is even remotely a possibility, how B.O. is still allowed airtime, sickens me, disturbs me, and frankly even frightens me a little.

I pray that November 4th proves all the polls wrong.  No, really, I’m literally praying throught this one.

…instead of merely the next President.

Watch the video over at Gatway Pundit.  Watch all of it, and listen to the things B.O. says, and how he says them.  He is clearly committed to being the special interest Presdient.  Someone who will put the focus of his time, his effort, and your money towards righting social wrongs against “minorities.”  I have a deep suspicion that it not’s Asians or Hispanics he’s talking about.

And his solution is always more money, more special entitlements, more affirmative action and wealth redistribution to selected, narrowly focused segments of society.

I really love the part where he essentially compares whites and blacks in this country to the Serbs and the Croats in Bosnia.  Its genocide baby, a race war, simmering beneath the surface, and when black babies die, it’s because SOCIETY has REPRESSED the black people, and crushed them beneath their (white) priviledged heels.

There is no doubt there there are certain inequities in our society, and there is no doubt that there are still elements of racial bias in some areas.  But folks, this dude talks like a Black Panther.  He’s much smoother about it, much less abrupt, much more buttered and salted, but the fact remain that he’s a militant black power socialist who use the power of the Presidency to ensure and enshrine special privledge for “his” people. 

The question is, who exactly will “his” people be.  I’m sorry, but right now, I’m just not feeling the “inclusivenss.” 

via Patterico.

Sarah Palin…

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Blitherings
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I did finally manage to watch a couple of the interviews of Sarah Palin; a good chunk of the CNN interview, and bits and pieces of the one on MSNBC.

I guess, overall, I have to say this:  like her or not, whether or not you agree with her politics, you cannot simply dismiss her a cheerleader, as a fluff piece or token nod to the womens’ vote as the Jon Stewarts and Keith Olbermanns of the world are trying to do.  She was clear, direct, articulate and driven.  She spoke with authority and conviction.  She made specific and cogent points, and carried herself in a professional and convincing manner.

Even though B.O. gets all the props for being so smooth and polished, I’ve heard him speak impromtu, without the benefit of a teleprompter, and he’s chock full of “ums,” and “well, uhm,…” and repeating himself, and long, uncomfortable pauses.  I watched him speak at a rally and it was all about how he was sorry he was late, and the weather, and how many people where there, and my only thought was, “Man, this dude is RAMBLING.” 

Sarah Palin is a much more commanding and dynamic speaker than B.O.  She flat has him beat at the pulpit.  And this clearly pisses the Progletariat off to no end. 

I think she made some mistakes, not so much in the content, as in the presentation. Her condmenation of B.O. as poiltically naive in wanting to speak to Ajmenhadadayadaya without conditions was spot on.  While I understood what she was trying to say, her assertion that B.O.’s desire to “just sit down and talk” was wrongheaded will sound confrontational and xenophobic to a demographic that believe that sitting down and “talking about our problems” is the way to go.

I know she was trying to say that expecting to sit down to a delightful afternoon tea like you would with the Chancellor of Germany or the Prime Minister of England —  except of course with a sworn blood enemy of the United States — is a tad naive and overly idealistic.  But she came off too brusque and dismissive, and that will turn off the kindler, gentler, love-and-hugs slice of the blue staters that the McCain tickets needs to woo to beat B.O. in November.

But she still beats Obama hands down in the arena of public speaking.  She has energized the Republican core like B.O. has energized the Dems.  But, because she’s The Enemy, this will only serve to make her “more dangerous” to the Progs and the Prog media.

I used to like Jon Stewart.  But after watching his partisan flambe’ of Palin and McCain, while giving The One a complete pass, I just wanted to put my fist through the screen.

The next couple of weeks should be interesting, to say the least.

When I hear the politicians try to assure me that all the stock and controlling interests they’ve just bought in several of the nation’s core financial institutions will be sold back over time, as the situation improves, I cannot help but hear a voice in my head saying something akin to…

“These extraordinary powers you’ve just given me will be only be held for the the duration of the current emergency…”

When, when, WHEN has the government ever given back any power that it’s been permitted?  How many times have you heard about taxes being levied to be be paid for this or that program or facility, except that when the bridge/road/stadium is finally built, they then cry that they can’t “afford” to lose the extra “tax income” or the government will not be able to continue to perform all of its functions?

I want to see RECEIPTS for every stock option and share that you sell back.  And what do you bet, that if they ever DO actually sell the interests back to the bank, rather than actually pay it towards the National Debt, they promise to great things, great ambitious, noble social programs and entitlements with all of “sudden influx” of unbudgeted cash.

They’ll be like the people washed out of New Orleans that, when presented with a wad of cash to fix the roof and drain the basement, instead go on a cruise, buy a flat screen TV, put a tarp across the rafters, and call the basement their “indoor pool?”

Nah, that’d never happen.