And ya know, I’m just thinking…

Posted: April 22, 2008 in Celebrating Diversity, Parenting, Politics, Random Thoughts, Women

After reading about the big hullabaloo down Tejas way with regards to a certain polygamist cult, I began to find myself a wondering…

Whyizzit that when a black man has multiple children with multiple women, it’s just a sad statement about our culture, perhaps a failure of the system to properly educate on birth control and benefits of monogamy, etc, etc, etc,

But when a white Mormon does it, it rates a raid by the ATF and HHS?  Isn’t this dude really just one really prolific BabyDaddy?

Mah brutha from anutha mutha and all that?

Seriously.  Why, when its some poor minority dude knocking up multiple women without marrying them, we shake our collective heads and cluck our tongues ever so dispiritedly, but we send in SWAT to get a white guy with a big compound?

I’m not saying either one is right, I’m just a tad perplexed about the seeming disparity in treatment.


  1. katbur says:

    The difference might be that the baby daddy doesn’t usually have 4 13 year old mamas out there. If he does he’d best not get caught 🙂

  2. jonolan says:

    Nope, no difference there. Blacks have a statistically high teen pregnancy rate, so the hypothetical “babydaddy” probably would have 4 or more young girls knocked up. Of course the Black in question probably wouldn’t be over 25 or so himself.

  3. kontan says:

    You redecorated! I need to come around more often.

    I’m hoping this FLDS is not a lawsuit waiting to happen. What they are doing IS illegal, but you know someone is going to push the legal boundary.

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