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After reading about the big hullabaloo down Tejas way with regards to a certain polygamist cult, I began to find myself a wondering…

Whyizzit that when a black man has multiple children with multiple women, it’s just a sad statement about our culture, perhaps a failure of the system to properly educate on birth control and benefits of monogamy, etc, etc, etc,

But when a white Mormon does it, it rates a raid by the ATF and HHS?  Isn’t this dude really just one really prolific BabyDaddy?

Mah brutha from anutha mutha and all that?

Seriously.  Why, when its some poor minority dude knocking up multiple women without marrying them, we shake our collective heads and cluck our tongues ever so dispiritedly, but we send in SWAT to get a white guy with a big compound?

I’m not saying either one is right, I’m just a tad perplexed about the seeming disparity in treatment.


AP (Associated Progressive) – Insiders within the White House are reporting a growing sense of unease as election time draws near.  It is feared that Pres. Bush is running out of time suspend democratic elections indefinitely and to declare martial law.  Rumors abound as to what the President has up his sleeve for the next big “event” to justify the crackdown, however, after almost eight years in office, some seem to feel that he might be waiting just a bit too long.  “Of course, that might all just be part of his precise and compricated pran,” suggests one insider, who asked to remain nameress.

It is widely assumed that the push for a Bush Junta is all but a foregone conclusion, with a military takeover followed closely by the suspension of the Constitution and declaring himself King For Life.

However, as November looms on the horizon with few brewing catastrophes, and a large chunk of the military deployed overseas, there is some uncertainty as to whether Pres. Bush will follow through on the mandates of his Illuminati handlers.

Followed by his utter failure to round up all all the gays and lesbians during his eight years in office, members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are losing confidence that Bush will have time to set up the next round of terrorist attacks required to enable him to set aside the rule of law for the “duration of the current emergency.”

We’re all just hoping that he’s secretly been working behind the scenes to wire it all together, you know, like he did with the Twin Towers,” confides a highly-placed official within the administration.

Time is short.  Time is short.