Women Voters

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Celebrating Diversity, Politics, Rants, Women

Honestly, help me out here.  What with all the babble going on betwixt and between the media circles and Dem talking heads about the “womens’ vote,” I have to ask:  If you’re a woman, is HILLARY FREAKIN’ CLINTON really who you want speaking for you?! 

Here’s a thought:  Don’t vote for someone because she is a woman.  It’s the same as voting for someone because he isn’t.  It’s sexist.

Don’t vote for someone because they are black.  It’s the same as voting for someone just because he’s white.  It’s racist.

Why not try voting for the most qualified candidate to lead the country, regardless of race or gender?  Isn’t that what they call equality?  How are we supposed to be “color blind” if every time you turn around someone is talking about the black candidate or the black vote or who can best appeal to black America?  Black America?  I forget, is that the North, or the South, suh?  I thought that war was over!

Maybe, just maybe, what’s the best for the Country as a whole, ends up being pretty darn good for Women, and Blacks, and Jews, and Asians and any other manner of hyphenated special interest groups, right?  If you vote for the best “womens” candidate, or the best “black” candidate, what about the rest of the country?  Maybe the woman or the black candidate really IS the best choice, but make that determination based on WHO they are and WHAT they’ve done, not the color of their skin or the how many of which chromosomes they’ve got.

Damn, you’d think stuff like this would be self-evident.

Wow.  Great minds think alike.  I should really just delete this post because Jim Byrd over at “A Skewed View” says is so much more betterer. (And welcome to the blogroll, btw).

  1. Absolutely and don’t forget the rest of the world too!
    We in the UK are also waiting to see how your nation votes to-day.
    I bet the same is true in many parts of our globe.

    May the best candidate win! I hope!

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