The Thinks That I Think

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Abortion, ACLU, atheism, Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Military, Nut Jobs, Politics, Religion, Utter Inshanity!, Women

I think that: 

  • Enforcing immigration laws isn’t racist.
  • Abortion does not “liberate” women.
  • If you want to be treated equally, don’t claim special privilege because you’re a minority.
  • I’d be interested to see what percentage of gun-related crimes are committed with a legally-purchased gun, by the owner of said gun?  I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.
  • On average, Christians treat women better than feminists do.
  • Of all the Blogs I read, if I had to list my top-10 favorites, I’d put myself about 6th.
  • The government shouldn’t be able to force me to buy Health Insurance.
  • The country has far more to fear from radical atheists than radical Christians.
  • Conservatives love their women because they are strong and independent.  Progressives love their women if they are obedient and conformist.
  • Children are a precious inheritance, not to be lightly squandered.
  • If you want to change the Constitution, amend it.  Don’t “reinterpret” it.
  • If I had a report about a possible terrorist attack in San Francisco, I’d be hard pressed to want to do anything about it.
  • I personally don’t feel the need to put a hyphen in front of my “American.”  Just being an American is enough for me.
  1. womantowomancbe says:



  2. Hoodlumman says:

    You know… In Canada (along with other places, I’m sure) this list might be considered hate speech and be in need of suppression.

  3. Candy Rant says:

    I am SO totally with you.

  4. Steve B says:


    I’ve been reading M.A.D.s posts on the craziness going on up in Canada, and I think you may be right.

    Of course, if Shrillary is elected Prime Minister, we may very well end up like them, too.

  5. This is not very politically correct.

    Are you trying to stir up some HRC action here?

  6. Steve B says:

    I dunno. If McCain gets to be president, we’ll probably get McCain-Feingold 2.0. Included will undoubtedly by an HRC charter.

    The whole lot of ’em can kiss my puckery pink ass.

  7. Steve B says:

    Except of course the ones that WANT to kiss it, and well, those folks need to look elsewhere for their entertainment.

  8. Anne says:

    I don’t understand how my daughter goes to a school whose population is categorized by the govt. as over 70 percent minority. By definition, aren’t they majority?

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