Merry Christmas…except for YOU!

Posted: December 12, 2007 in ACLU, atheism, Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Nut Jobs, Politics, Rants, Religion, Utter Inshanity!

Okay, so you say you “feel” excluded by all the Christmas hoopla, that it’s rude and impolite and intolerant and whatever else.  Just makes you feel like a marginalized citizen, all disenfranchised and outcast.  Shouldered to the side, thrust to the fringes, your feelings trampled beneath the cruel spiked heels of the madding crowds.  Etc.

But ARE you?  So much of the current anti-Christmas rhetoric seems to revolve around some vague yet dark and dangerous fear that someone might “feel excluded” by Christmas celebrations.  And that cuts right to the core of things, doesn’t it?  It’s about how you FEEL, rather than what actually is.  It’s about your perceptions, your own self-imposed definition of martyrdom or victimhood, rather than the actual realities of a situation.

How many people are actually excluded from anything by using the term “Christmas?”  How many people are barred, refused, expelled, punished, or otherwise “excluded” from any service, public forum, retail establishment, freedom of movement or assembly by the presence of a big Christmas tree in the town square?

Ahhh,” you say as you sigh ever-so dramatically and expressively, “but it makes them feel excluded because the celebration is exclusivistic and excludes them if they don’t participate or share that belief.”

And…what?  Doesn’t that mean that they are the ones excluding themselves?  Isn’t it then a self-imposed isolation?  And if so, how can it be anyone else’s “fault?”

Where does it say or even remotely imply that if you don’t celebrate Christmas that you aren’t welcome in this or that store?  That if the Driver’s License office puts up a festive Christmas tree that atheists or Muslims somehow won’t be able to renew their driver’s license?  We are led to believe that if you went into City Hall, and there was a tree and Merry Christmas banner posted, that it would be tantamount to spraying Muslims with pig blood and torching a Koran, and don’t even THINK about applying for that building permit, because it’s Christmas, so only Christians are welcome.  Heathen.

If you are prevented from celebrating because you don’t share the same underlying beliefs, why would you WANT to celebrate? I don’t get it.  Rather than being offended, why don’t you just ignore it?  Why not just ride it out until January and let the Christies have their fun?

What it boils down to is this:  if you are offended by displays of Christmas, and its associated religious baggage, what you are really saying is that you are offended by being exposed to beliefs different than your own.  You are offended by symbols of another faith, and by running yer filthy pie hole on an on about it, you are effectively saying that people who believe different than you need to keep it to themselves, suppress their faith, suppress celebrations of their holidays so that you, yes, cuz it’s all about you, so that you won’t be offended by their disgusting displays a “divisiveness.”

But that’s not hypocrisy.  Nope.  That’s “tolerance.”

And by divisive I mean daring to disagree with YOU.  Daring to think something different than YOU.  Oh. The. HORROR!

It’s a deeply egocentric worldview.  It requires that YOU not be offended, no matter what, and hang what impacts that might have on other people’s freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion.  If you get your knickers all in a twist because people insist on “shoving Christmas down your throat,” you deserve the title “Scrooge.”  Kill-joy.  Curmudgeon.  Whiner.  Pouty little child. 

Get over yourself.  I don’t require you to celebrate Christmas.  I DO require you to let ME celebrate Christmas.  That’s not called intolerance.  It’s called f-r-e-e-d-o-m.

Newsflash:  Me celebrating my religious holidays has no impact on your ability to celebrate yours, or not celebrate yours..unless your religion requires that no others be allowed…(or somehow involves beheading unbelievers).   And if you can’t see how prohibiting expressions and celebrations of Christmas in the public square because of its religious nature is any different than the imposition of any other kind of theocratic restrictions, then you quite simply aren’t living in the same reality that I am.  For all their bombast and vitriol about Christofascists and the big push for some sort of Christian theocracy, the Far Left seems to working hell-bent on establishing their own version, but in this case an atheocracy.

Last time I checked, that is as completely antithetical to everything for which the country stands, and everything enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the imposition of a full on theocracy.   The Founding Fathers strove diligently to create and protect for perpetuity an environment that was BY DEFINITION not hostile to expressions of religious faith.  More and more this seems to get set firmly on its ear by progressivists more worried about feelings than about historical fact.

So if it bothers you that Christians are allowed to celebrate Christmas in December…move to Iran, Sudan or China or Indonesia.  Trust me, you won’t be faced with same awful spectacle there.  


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