Warning! Very Offensive Language In This Post!

Posted: December 6, 2007 in ACLU, atheism, Blitherings, Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Nut Jobs, Politics, Rants, Religion

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!

Offended yet?  No?

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!

How about now?

I’ve read several blog posts about the whole “War on Christmas” thing.  I especially like the one by Rachel Lucas, ‘cuz you see, I just flat don’t get it.  What, for all that is furry, soft and static-free, exactly is it that is so all-fired “offensive” about the phrase “Merry Christmas?!”  

Yeah, I can see how all that “Peace on earth, good will towards men” and “Joy To The World” stuff must really just get under your skin.  The gall! The temerity! How DARE you wish me a Merry Christmas!  FASCIST!

Honestly, what really is the difference between getting all huffy and “offended” if someone wishes you Merry Christmas, and getting all huffy and offended if someone names a teddy bear “Muhammed?”  Seriously.  Explain it to me, ‘cuz I’m really struggling with that one.

Oh, but wait, we aren’t even talking about being offended anymore, are we?  According the article referenced in Rachel’s blog, the schreeching little shrew in question considered it the height of impoliteness to wish someone Merry Chrismas. Like there aren’t worse things in this world than occasionally being impolite. 

Okay, lets break this down fer a second.  Apparently we are excluding people by calling it a Christmas tree.  Who, exactly, are we excluding?  Muslims?  Buddhists?  Jews? Hey, newsflash….THEY ALREADY DON’T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, MORON!  So how is calling it a “Holiday” tree going to suddenly kick the door wide for them to deck the halls?

Who else? Non-christians?  Soooo….you’re telling me that in the roughly 230-ish years this country has been around, it’s only ever been orthodox, fundmentalist, hard-core Bible-thumping Christians what actually had a Christmas tree, and all the other scrooge-nostics out there had to grit their collective teeth with a bitter, seething rage as they bought their tree, secretly feeling all outcast and excluded, wishing deep in their hurting little hearts that they could just buy a Holiday Tree instead?  How does calling it Christmas exclude anyone

If someone wished me Happy Haunukah, or Joyous Kwanza or whatever it is, “Have a Mystical and Magical Winter Solstice,” I can say with utmost certainty I wouldn’t be offended by it.   Okay, no, no, you’re right.  I’d probably file a hate-crimes lawsuit against them for their willful and hateful failure to respect my religious beliefs which, of course, are clearly evident just by looking at me. 

Actually, being a rational individual, I’d likely just smile, wave, and wish them the same thing back, out of POLITENESS.  What. A. Concept.

Every time I hear that someone is “offended'” (yes, I’m going to put that in quotes every damn time) by displays, words, thoughts, graphics or songs with the words Merry Christmas in them, I have to think that we’ve really lost track of what “offended” means.  I am offended by people swearing like stable hands around my kids.  I’m offended when I see my faith mocked and derided in movies and television shows.  I’m offended by a really bad smell coming out of the sewer.  I’m offended by self-righteous blowhards who want to require that I think and act like they do or suffer the consequences.  I’m not “offended” by someone wish my a Happy Saint Patrick’s day even though I’m not Irish.

Hey, wait a minute.  Lessee if I got this straight…we have to remove every hint of anything which might be offensive to someone else?  So…there are only certain acceptable viewpoints, and all others must be supressed as unacceptable?  Isn’t that sort of the Liberals’ textbook definition of intolerance? Refusing to allow any viewpoints but your own?  Limiting access to the public forum only to those who conform to the mandated and “approved” views?

Approved by whom?  Why, the scroogenostics of course.

The modern celebration of Christmas has become so secularized that for a great many people it is a cultural tradition as much as a religious one, celebrated by a broad spectrum of people from a variety of backgrounds, both religious and ethnic.  Calling it Christmas only excludes those who have a vested interest in being offended in order to further their social(ist) agenda.  No one seems to care if I’m offended by Kwaanza or Ramadan.  There don’t seem to be any shrill cries about excluding or silencing them. 

No, that would be intolerant, right? Right?


  1. Manas says:

    It’s really funny to think that wishing merry christmas is going to offend people.

    It assumes that non-christians are offended by “merry christmas”. To even think of us this way is bad. I find it offensive. 🙂

  2. carin says:

    I, for one, am outraged.

    Or, perhaps that’s just heartburn? No, false alarm. It’s just heartburn.

  3. samaha says:

    I’m not offended by “Merry Christmas” but I find it quite amusing that people just assume that everyone celebrates Christmas. I wish my friends who celebrate Christmas a Merry Christmas but usually I will say Happy Holidays to anyone that I don’t know celebrates Christmas. I’d prefer a “Happy Holidays” from strangers just as an acknowledgement that diversity exists. Just because I am fair skinned, blonde and green eyed does not mean that I celebrate Christmas. Still though, I’m not offended, to the contrary I really do enjoy the Christmas cheer that exists this time of year and understand that people want to express their cheer through “Merry Christmas”. It is even flattering as, in it’s own way, it is about including everyone whether they are Christian or not.

    What I find to be a problem though is when my children are asked “What is Santa going to bring you?” or “What did Santa bring you?”. as when my children are young the inevitable answer to spill from their mouths is “There’s no such thing as Santa.” I’ve actually seen on one occasion another toddler begin to cry when my child made this statement and I can’t even begin to explain to you the looks of shock that we recieve to this answer. Of course, when they are older they politely reply “We don’t celebrate Christmas” but when they’re toddlers – it’s kind of hard for them to give a politically correct answer.

    Anyway just wanted to wish you an early Eid Mubarak 😉

  4. Steve B says:

    Who is Eid Mubarak? Wasn’t he Prime Minster of Israel or something?

  5. samaha says:

    What’s Israel?


  6. Steve B says:


    LOL. Guess I deserved that!

    Seriously, it’s great to see that you “get it.” You make a good point. At the same time as we expect basic civility if we incorrectly wish someone a Merry Christmas what doesn’t celebrates it, it’s also important not to treat those people like aliens with two heads just because they don’t.

    A simple, “Oh? Well, then have a great weekend!” instead of, “What? Are some sort of freak?” Definitely works both ways.

  7. Candy Rant says:

    If someone is offended by my “Merry Christmas,” f*ck them.


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