Bring me a Sebring!!

Posted: October 13, 2007 in Blitherings

Me like. Me want.

 In my travels I’ve had occasion to rent many different types of cars.  I even once had the (mis)fortune of getting a PT Cruiser.  Hated it.  Chick car.  Uncomfortable.  No room.  Bad layout.

But then.  Oh, dear sweet lordy but THEN! This trip I got a Chrystler Sebring. The Limited Edition ta boot, mind you.  Don’t ask me how.  Thrifty folks must’ve been in a good mood or something.

I’m in love.  Perhaps lust.  I am smitten. “What, are you gonna marry it?!”

I just might, though I’ll probably have to move to Massachusetts or some place to do it.

Me like soooo much.  It drives like its floating on a liquid or something. It doesn’t drive, it glides.  And it has major juice; I broke the tires loose at a stop light just by jamming the gas a little.  I think I giggled.  Although, I suspect it was more of a “Muahahahhaaa!”

 Comfy, stylish.  And the stereo! Oh yeah, baby!   Awesome tunage.  Huge bass response.  And dude, check it out — this thing has an option where you can install a multimedia system complete with LCD touch screen and a hard drive so you can load your MP3s right into the car. Totally. Bitchin.

I haven’t been this jazzed about a car, or any other inanimate object for that matter, since I had my Saturn SC2.  Another most excellent ride.  But the Sebring qualifies as a luxury touring car, but with a sporty elegance, rather than the effete snobishness found in the more traditional land yachts of yore.

 I built my own online, and the price tag with the various ultra-bitchin’ upgrades, was $27,465.  Yeeouch.  I need to get busy with the ebay account, selling all those collectible trading cards and my limited edition Furbys.

Oh yes.  It will be mine.  If it takes every resource of the empire, I will possess it.

For it has possessed ME!  {{cackles with maniacal glee}}


  1. RTO Trainer says:

    PT Cruiser: uncomfortable, no room?

    Well, if you’re built like Lurch Addams it might be uncomfortable. I’ve never had tha complaint about mine.

    As for no room? What are you hauling? I pull up to load stuff in it all the time with people saying, “I don’t think that’ll fit.” Only to leave them with their mouths hanging open, not only that the 50″ DLP TV, or the lumber for my latest project, or whatever, fit, but there was even more room to boot.

    Chick car? Heh. Not likely.

  2. RTO Trainer says:

    ‘Course my next car will be a Charger.

  3. Steve B says:

    Just didn’t like the layout. To me the seat was uncomfortable. I’m no lurch, all of 5’9″, I just felt “out of place.” The control area just didn’t seem to be driver friendly. Not so in my new dream car.

  4. RTO Trainer says:

    Cars are like new boots. You gotta keep trying them on til you find what fits.

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