From the “How Do I Take These People Seriously?” Dept.

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Nut Jobs, Politics, Religion of Pieces, War

Muslim Leaders Warn Pope ‘Survival of World’ at Stake

The “survival of the world” is at stake if Muslims and Christians do not make peace with each other, leaders of the Muslim world will warn the Pope and other Christian leaders (my emphasis) today.

Okay.  Uh, let me get this straight.  A MUSLIM is warning CHRISTIANS that we need to make peace. Uh…uh…uh…I think my brain just exploded.

“As Muslims, we say to Christians that we are not against them and that Islam is not against them


Lesseee here.  Ever hear of Sudan?  Indonesia?  Nigeria? Any of several other world-famous locations for Muslims beheading Christians for being….Christians? Al Qaeda?  Taliban?  Ringing any bells?

How does this guy, with a straight face, get up and suggest that Christians bear an equal responsibility for achieving peace between the two religions as do the Muslims?  How often do you hear about a gang of Christians ravaging through a Muslim village, killing, raping, and beheading?  How many mosques have Christians burned down, vs. how many churches have Muslims burned down?

When was the last time a Christian issued a fatwa or declared a Jihad against anyone?

The not-so-subtle subtext here is that our attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq occured not because of Sept 11th, not because of a long history of support for violent terrorist acts by these countries…it was because a bunch of Christians wanted to go kill a bunch of Muslims.  And this has just got to STOP, you know?!

This guy should have been laughed at, mocked, and booed off the stage.  But you just KNOW that a broad swatch of academia and the capitulationist set responded with the requisite thoughtful nods of agreement, much hmmming and ahhhing, followed by the obligatory golf clapping.

I’d be a lot more willing to nod and smile and clap at such foolishness if the Muslim world would stop referring to us as “The Great Satan” and blowing up our skyscrapers.

But that’s just me.

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