Upon Reflection…

Posted: September 28, 2007 in ACLU, Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Military, Nut Jobs, Politics, War

It occurs to me that I could potentially have done Spc Jeremy Hall a wrong.  Maybe.

A commenter huffed and puffed that I didn’t KNOW Spc Hall, so I couldn’t know what was going on in his head.  Maybe, maybe not.  But I CAN make a few educated guesses.

The way I see it, this could have gone two ways.

One, J. Hall gets his knickers all in a twist because his Bible-tumping CO  keeps stepping in the middle of his plans for setting up the Atheists and Free Thinkers Club.  So he makes a decision to turn this into a national event, and goes out with premeditation and aforethought to find the most egregiously partisan group he can find to prosecute his case.
Perhaps he sees himself as a valiant crusader who must defend the cause of Atheists everywhere, while already assuming the mantle of much-maligned martyr. Which would make Spc. Hall a prime candidate for membership in Code Pink, and likely a lifetime listener to Randy Rhodes.


Two, young Master Hall is genuinely hurt, angry and confused that his boss won’t let him set up his club, and so tries to find legal redress, believing (however incorrectly) that his chain of command won’t help him.  Only, no one will take the case.  He searches and searches, but no self-respecting lawyer, military or otherwise, will touch this baby.

Until Mikey gets wind of it.  So now Mikey (really now-“Mikey“?!) Weinstein has got a cause d’ celebre on which to hang his banner, and he’s off and running.  So now instead of Weinstein supporting Spec. Hall’s cause, Spec. Hall end’s up being a tool for promoting Weinstein’s cause.  Sort ofwhat Cindy Sheehan became to the anti-war set.

And so now he’s an outcast, living in fear, trembling in his bed at night.

Don’t know, haven’t talked to him.  Maybe he just wanted to go after Melborn, and then this Weinstein guy says, “No, wait.  Even better.  We’ll sue the Secretary of Defense too!  What a splash that’ll make!

And Jeremy is all, like, “Uh, well, okaaayyy, I guess so.”

I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.


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