The Threat Of Creationism

Posted: August 1, 2007 in Christianity, Creationism, Evolution

Up from the comments again, I feel the need to ask this question.

What is the threat posed by the theory of creationism?  There are myriad blogs and articles and online journals that speak of “combatting” creationism, or which at least stress the need to remain “scientific” and not allow archaic religious sensitivities to influence our purely scientific endeavors.  Some of the most strident speak of creationism as some sort of dark bugaboo which threatens the very foundation of our society and way of life, or some such.

Now, there are a lot of things worthy of combatting.  We are combatting Islamic fundamentalism in the war on terror.  You combat viral infections and the spread of disease.  We understand the threats these things pose.  Islamic fundamentalism has demonstrated vividly why it must be opposed.

So, what is the comparable threat from creationism?  Or for that matter, evolution?  How and why does a school of thought pose such a grave danger that it can so polarize people into very nearly armed camps?  What exactly is the expected result, this catastrophe we must avoid at all costs?

 Why is it we demand that evidence ONLY be examined within the context of evolutionary theory?  Why are departures from this norm met with such virulent opposition? 

  1. Ha Tikvah says:

    Well, for me as a Christian I would consider there are those who fear the topic of creationism perhaps because it would make them have to accept firstly that God does exist, which they may not like the thought of, and then following on from that, that if He did indeed create everything, that He may indeed have the right to expect His creation to provide something in return. The extra debates on evolution and the time span for said creation are separate and more about whether God is granted recognition of His ability to undertake a 6-day literal creation or not, than whether He actually created everything to start with. Even within Christendom there are wide poles of opinion on that one. I’m a 6-day literalist and while I take my view from scriptural interpretation, my other point is if it had not been the case WHY would we STILL have a 7-day week?? Why would anyone have determined to have a 7-day week time frame if it had not originated from the outset of time? And why would we still have a rest day on the 7th day if God had not initiated it at the outset? If man had instigated it, it would have long gone by the wayside or the entire calendar system would most likely have gone through multiple revolutions which has never happened to any great degree in ANY culture.

    Finally, I think while we creationists and ‘fundamentalists’ don’t agree with evolutionists I wouldn’t say we fear them or their views. It’s more because we consider that God says what He means and means what He says, and thus He will hold ALL mankind accountable to know of His existence primarily through his creation first and His people second. Thus we have a spiritual responsibility before Him to ensure we do our best to enable others to recognise Him and give Him respect (and more if possible) for what He has given each and every person on this planet – their life!

    But I note that there are some who do get rather excessively agitated on both sides about the whole debate, although I would hedge a bet that those who don’t believe in God or agree with scripture would perhaps be the more vociferous in putting forward their views/arguments.

    Blessings, TKR 🙂 .

  2. dinosaur says:

    These people opposed to creationism are they the ones that tell you predators evolve with eyes on the front of their heads and gentle herbevores have eyes on the sides of their heads.

    In effect making sharks & T rex vegans and Koala bears nasty predators.

    I think there might be a hole or 2 in their theory or their heads.

    Especially when the most ardent supporters of evolution seem to be the ones who believe in abortion and homosexual rights making them voluntarily extinct.

    Did Darwin write about that? What if Dinosaurs
    all wanted to devote their time to being accountants and didn’t want to be opressed by the patriarchy?

    Might there be a thin layer in the earths crust scattered with dust that once was introductory accounting books?

  3. I don’t think are any real problems with those people who espouse evolution or those who espouse creationism. The trouble seems to be with those folks who are ardent opponents of the differing point of view.

    Elements of both camps seem to subscribe to an ‘either/or’ rather than an ‘if/and’ world view. Believe it or not, there are ways at looking at both philosophies in a complimentary fashion – they are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    I am a disciple of Christ who happens to see evolution as being a more intricate and detailed description of what Genesis paints in broad strokes. One of my best friends, who is a highly educated engineer, tends toward a more literal interpretation of the Biblical creation account.We both worship and try to serve the kingdom together. Scripture speaks to both of us in a somewhat different voice, yet the story it tells is the same.

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