Judge Munley’s Folly – Hazelton Immigration Kerfuffle.

Posted: July 28, 2007 in ACLU, Celebrating Diversity, Nut Jobs, Politics, Rants, Utter Inshanity!, War

AS a follow-up to my previous point, I found this “chat room” where several people lit into Munley over the same ruling back in 2006.  People thought he was a dumbass then, too.  Stop on by, and leave a friendly message (or not so friendly)…


I also find it interesting that in most of the media stories, the Hazelton legislation is billed as an “immigration law.”


The proposed law has nothing to do with immigration.  It does not attempt to enforce, restrict or in any other way affect a person’s ability to immigrate to this country.

 Judge Strikes Down Town’s Immigration Law – New York Times (The New York Times? Surprse, surprise.)

Hazleton Immigration Ordinance Struck Down

Federal Judge Blocks Pa. City From Enforcing Anti-Immigrant Laws

But to hear it spun in the media, it sound like the Mayor and Sheriff of Hazelton are trying to make their own immigration policy.  Well, I guess in a way they are.  They are saying that you can’t immigrate to THEIR TOWN if you are in the country illegally.  But that’s about it.  There seems to be an unfortunate tendency in apologist circles to drop the “illegal” in front of “immigrant” in these stories.

Here’s the link the the Penn.  Anti-Christ Luciferian Union’s webpage from the 2006 case:

Check out the first few sentences of the press release.  You’ll either laugh yourself hoarse, or throw up on your keyboard.

An ordinance that classifies certain immigrants as “illegal,” punishes landlords and employers who do business with those immigrants

Gotta love the scare quotes around “illegal.”

The ordinance also violates business and property owners’ due process rights under the constitution because it is nearly impossible for them ensure compliance.

Whoa, now THERE’S some mental gymnastics for you.  Blocking this law actually usurps business owners’ right to determine with whom they should or should not be allowed to do business.  Keep in mind that this Act has a broad foundation of support within the community (well, except for the “11”.  Hazelton had an estimated population of over 22,000 in 2006).  The actions of the ACLU are actually interfering with the rights of local businessmen, not protecting them.

I always love this one:

The ordinance would also turn Hazleton into an “English-only” community in which city documents and other written communications would not be available in any language but English unless specifically required by federal or state law.

And…?  The problem is, what?  Official documents of the United States, which has spoken English as its native language for over 213 years, shouldn’t be IN ENGLISH?!  Arrrgghhghghghghg!!!!

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