Watch out for those Radical Christians!

Posted: June 22, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Parenting, Politics, Rants

I saw this link over at Hot Air via Protein Wisdom.  I glaced briefly through the linked site, but more than anything, I was struck a bit thoughtful by the choice of terminology:  “Radical Christianity…”

What exactly is “radical”Christianity?  I’m sure that many youth groups are all about, like, a totally RADICAL Christianity, dude.  But somehow, I suspect that’s not what we’re really discussing here.

I mean, can you imagine seeing this in the news: 

“A flight to Denver made an emergency landing today after five evangelicals suddenly stood up as the plane was on its final approach.  They began waving Bibles and speaking in tongues.  Some passengers are said to have heard them conmdening homosexuality and demanding prayer be allowed in schools.   Air marshalls fired Tasers and other passengers helped subdue the radical Christians who had threatened to, uh……”

Hmm…Radical Christianity.  You know what it is, right?  Radical Chrisitians are too often merely those who have the temerity to hold to their beliefs even in the face of equally “radical” social engineering.  Radical Christians probably believe in wacky bizzarro stuff like the literal truth of the Bible as the word of God, repentance, the crucifixion and resurrection, the existence of Jesus Christ and the truth of His nature as the Son of God.  You know, all that hardline Bible-thumper stuff that makes people…..uncomfortable.

Radical Christians don’t bow to the pressure to conform the tenets of their faith to what is socially mandated by progressive do-gooders.  They don’t “go along to get along.”  I’m not saying that there aren’t Christians and denominations that DO roll with the socially fashionable.  It happens all the time.  But, by the very act of conforming, they preserve themselves from being labeled as “radicals.”  Nonconformists.  Intolerant, haters…you name it.  Go with the flow; stay “mainstream” as any cost, even if the stream is taking you over the falls.

I propose that a whole lot of the progressive social engineering taking place in our schools, offices and town halls is far more “radical” than the ideology of those groups who choose to maintain and practice traditionalist beliefs.

Crazy policies like the “No-touching” rule in Virginia schools.  This is not “protection.”  It is an implicit acknowledgment of the failure of our society to teach our children mutual respect, compassion and care.  The very things which the progressive mouthbreathers condemn Christians for failing to apply, but which are the very hallmarks of Biblical Christianity.  We forbid them from touching each other because violence has become so prevalent that they can’t be “trusted.”  Yet, we can’t teach Biblical values in school, can’t pray or hold Bible studies on school grounds because it might make someone uncomfortable; might be seen as “threatening.”  We’ve taken away “Do Unto Others,” and replaced it with an oppressive sterility that treats our children as criminals and monsters. 

Which is exactly what many of them are becoming…thanks to the overly permissive social engineering which equates spanking with child abuse, verbal correction with emotional abuse, and red ink on school papers as damaging to self-esteem.

Some go so far as to suggest that failing to enroll a child school is a form of neglect. This school of thought has be used repeatedly to bring pressure to bear on homeschoolers, many of whom are Christians who feel {justifiably} that it is far more abusive to submit their children to the undisciplined, out-of-control environment in so many schools, where drugs, violence, gangs, teen pregnancy and unchecked bullying are so pervasive.

But since these government schools are where the social engineers are best able to exert their influences, they seem to have a vested interest in making sure that little Johnny is there to learn to tolerate homosexuality, and get Sex-Ed in the forth grade, even though one definition of child sexual abuse is: “Inappropriate interest in or knowledge of sexual acts.” Rainbow Party anyone?

According to a 2001 article in the Salt Lake Tribune on, “When is Spanking Child Abuse?“:

Assessing mental harm to a child as a result of spanking or paddling may be more difficult than assessing physical harm. The bill defines mental harm as an impairment of a child’s ability to function within the child’s normal range of behavior.

Gayle Ruzicka of the Utah Eagle Forum, who otherwise spoke in favor of the bill, said determination of a child’s normal range of behavior could be ambiguous.

“Who makes that determination?” Ruzicka said. “Especially if the child is not in school.” (emphasis mine)

Apparently it is the schools that are best equipped to determine what is “normal” behavior for a child, not the parents. Yes, that’s right.  The substitute teacher with a two-year Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development, and no kids of her own.   Regular resident expert, that.

Look at this list of emotional and behavioral effects of child abuse, and tell me where we find these problems running the most rampant?  That’s right.  Public.Freaking.Schools.

I guess I just wonder how long it will be before other words start slipping into the social lexicon to describe such non-conformist, backward-thinking Christians?  Will there come a day when failure to enroll your kids in government schools will get you branded as a “militant” Christian?  How many Christians will some day be on a “watch list” for no other reason than they refusing to compromise their beliefs by knuckling under to demands that they openly endorse homosexuality or abortion?  How long before someone is arrested for refusing to put away their Bible because it “might” offend someone?

Sure, that may sound like hyperbole, but if you really look at the trends of how Christian groups, educators, students and even families are being treated, especially in higher academia, it’s not quite such a stretch.  It seems like Christians are one of the few special interest groups routinely denied access to many facilities under the “separation of church and state” nonsense.   Which is just baby-talk for religious discrimination.

I don’t think that Christians are “becoming” radicals.  They always have been.  It’s just that before, it seemed like we had a lot more “sympathizers” than we do nowadays. 

The progressive managers of our crumbling Society demand every more stridently that Christians change to fit their ever-changing mold.  And yet the Christians refuse to kneel at Ceasar’s altar. 

And we all know how THAT turned out last time….

  1. Scott says:

    Great post! Thanks.

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