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Posted: June 14, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Nut Jobs, Religion of Pieces, Utter Inshanity!

I saw this link via LGF of a Perdue university computer model of what really happened in the Twin Towers massacre on 9/11.  It’s very compelling.


Watching that, you wonder how those buildings stayed up as long as they did.  It’s like someone coming up and breaking half your ribs and cutting half your tendons and then seeing how long you can remain standing.  Oh, and they jab a lit road flare into your stomach.   I couldn’t watch that and not wonder what it must have been like for the people on those few floors.  A lot probably died instantly.  It’s the rest your really don’t want to think about.

And, buy the way of linkage instead of bloggage, I bring you this link, of a Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  For the faint of of heart, or those with small children around, I’ve put the rest after the jump:

One to bring home to momma 

Uh, yeah.  No, really, just another well adjusted, alternative lifestyle. No, really.  They’re just like straight people.  Only nicer.  Really.  I read it somewhere.

Here’s another good one:


Now WHY wouldn’t we want to teach our kids about this kind of stuff in grade school?  People who think that are just SOOOO intolerant.  Remember, equal rights, not special rights.  Special Ed, maybe.  But not special rights.

You’ve got to look at the whole photo series.  No, really.  You must.  It’s like watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show, only sober.  Bad combination.  I swear, the gay pride movement is its own worst enemy.

And with that, I wander off to sleep….if I can sleep after assaulting my eyes like that.

  1. kontan says:

    If you haven’t read 102 Minutes take the time. The survivor input really gives a good insight into the failures of that day and their will to live. You can preview on google by searching 102 Minutes…it will take you to books.google.com

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