Hatfields and McCoys, at it agi’n…

Posted: June 11, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Evolution, Politics, Rants, Religion of Pieces, The Mass Media, War

Militants throw rivals off high-rise Gaza buildings

Now, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I get this vague sort of sense that these people are, what’s the word….COMPLETE $#@&^%! ANIMALS!

Again, not being possessed of an incredible amount of mental acuity, I must profess some confusion at CNN’s continued choice of appellatives when describing these aforementioned douchebags.

“Militants.”  Let that sort of roll around your tongue.  Milllllitaaannnts.

Folks, “militants” do not throw people off high-rise buildings.  Murdering thugs do.  If Vinnie and Luigi took a bookie who was into Mr. Gione for 100 large, and tossed him offa the veranda of a luxury suite at the MGM Grand, such that he had a sudden impact with the parking lot, would one then be inclined to describe the aforementioned knee-breakers as “militants?” No?  What if they put CSI Las Vegas on the case?  And say, perhaps, the intrepid dectectives nabbed ol’ Vinnie and Luigi, would the charges against these gentleman refer to them being “militants?”  Or, would they be charged with murder?  1st degree, eminently premeditated murder?

Is there anything left in the Mass Media lexicon which rises to the level of terrorism anymore?  “Militants” perform all manner of perverse and appalling atrocities, and yet the best the world’s media can come up with is a milquetoast label like militant.  These are murdering bastards.  Human filth. Nothing more than feral throwbacks to a primordial stage of evolution.  It’s law of the jungle, kill or be killed.  But kill, regardless.

Yet the pacifist, capitulationist movements of the western world would have us “understand” the Muslim.  Embrace his culture.  Enable his worldview at the expense of our own.

If I wanted to embrace the Islamic culture, I’D MOVE TO AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY.  However, I DON’T want to “appreciate” the finer points of Sharia law…

THAT’S WHY I LIVE HERE!  Looking around the world at all the places that have been turned into festering cesspools of oppression, hate and murder by the adherents to Sharia law and Islamic teachings, can you understand why I might be a little less than tolerant of getting the same crap rammed down my throat by a bunch of affirmative action beatniks here at home?

Whether it is the Sunni’s killing Shiites, or Hamas killing Fatah, it’s really just the Hatfields and the McCoys, who been killin’ each uther fer so long that no one even ‘members how it all got started;  but it’s all they’ve ever known, so it’s all they know how to do.

Count me out, thanks.


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