Is Obama too Black?

Posted: June 4, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Politics, Random Thoughts, War

I don’t know that I could vote for Barak Obama for President, because I’m not sure he could adequately represent the interests of white people, or understand their unique cultural concerns and viewpoints.

Although, he does seem to have plugged into a robust support network for the Black Family, businesses, and community value. (Via LGF)

I always find in darkly humurous when you transpose a few choice words in Progressive rhetoric, and instantly it becomes the very thing they claim to hate.   

Say, for example, you took some screed against conservative christians, and replaced every instance of the word “Christian” with the word “homosexual.”  Then re-read the article and imagine it getting published without some wildfire of indignation and calls for apologies and sensitivity training. 

So when certain groups talk about Black Pride, or Black Solidarity, or black “cultchAH,” it’s with heartfelt appreciation for the struggles of a, eh hmm, “minority.” 

But change it around, and you get white Pride or White Solidarity, which has become synonymous with the KKK and neo-Nazis.  

How many times in the past have we heard a black candidate scorned because he or she wasn’t “black enough,”  i.e. – he or she was trying too hard to get a long in the “white” system, and had abandoned his black “roots?”

Imagine suggesting that a candidate wasn’t acting “white” enough, and that he was abandoning his roots in favor of trying to appeal to those “other” people.  You’d be political dog meat.

So, when black or hispanic or asian voters ask themseslves whether a particular candidate will be able to appreciate or represent their unique cultural concerns, I guess I have to ask myself whether or not Obama can truly represent my concerns as a person of color…the color white, that is.

 We SHOULD be asking ourselves if a candidate can represent, defend, and uphold our collective concerns, the concerns of the American people, and our American culture and heritage, instead of pigeon-holing him into a specific cultural or gender demographic niche. 

I don’t want a candidate who will “speak” to the issues of African-Americans, or Native Americans, or Asian-Americans, or whatever other form of Hyphenated-Americans there are out there.  I’d like to see a candidate who can strike a common cord among us all,  maybe someone who can bringing us back from the brink of this hissing, spitting, clawing catfight between rabid blowhards on both ends of the spectrum who take no position other than that the guy across the table is pure demonic evil, simply because there is an (R) after his name instead of a (D).

But, more than anything, I’d like to see a candidate for President who will put the needs and concerns of the nation as a whole ahead of those of any one specific group or demographic over another.

  1. melkuphd says:

    He’s half white… just in case you weren’t aware. And it doesn’t appear to be, based on what I’ve read, that he had any dearth of experience with white culture over the course of his upbringing. Although he payes frequent lip service to black issues, he’s pretty damned white.

  2. Steve B says:

    I guess I’m just wondering/lamenting that we, despite our protestations of “progressive” thought and equality, still tend to make race an issue, rather than being color-blind and looking solely at a candidate’s qualifications.

    I actually think that Obama tries so hard to be a centrist that he’s completely fails to take a real stand on any issue, and so it’s hard to figure out what exactly it is he stands for.

    That’s really why I don’t think he’s strong candidate. Yet, it IS telling that he is sensitive to the fact that taking a “pro-black” stance might alienate white voters, and vice-versa.

    As long as people continue to identify themselves as “black Americans” or “white Americans,” rather than just Americans, we are going to be faced with this issue.

  3. glitterlessgold says:

    And then there are those people–such as my brother-in-law–who say that they won’t vote for him because his last name, Obama, rhymes with Osama, therefore he must be linked with terrorists.

    Oy vey.

  4. David Schumaker says:

    Are you serious…I didnt even read the entire article because the first few sentences were idiotic. “I don’t know that I could vote for Barak Obama for President, because I’m not sure he could adequately represent the interests of white people, or understand their unique cultural concerns and viewpoints.” Do you think all of these WHITE presidents have, as you put, adequately represented the interest of black people, and understood their unique cultural concerns and viewpoints? NO!!!! they haven’t. Im a white man and I know this for a fact.. You sound stupid…and I dont even want to read the rest of your article…

  5. Steve B says:

    Dude. Clue in. It was satire. The article is an indictment against racial identity politics. Guess I was a little too subtle for ya.

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