Global Warming: The coming chaos?

Posted: April 27, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Environmentalism, Global Warming, Politics, Rants

More and more I read about “the coming collapse,” the global crisis looming on the horizon due to the grim spectre of global warming. Doomsayers and alarmists paint an apocalyptic picture of great famines and drought, with bloody wars fought over diminishing pools of resources and countries scambling to lay claim to whatever they can, defending what they have with force, conducting raids to steal water or food to support their dwindling populations.

All based on the “science” of global warming.

I have to wonder if “we” aren’t creating a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I can’t help but wonder if this kind of shrill alarmism won’t, in fact, be a greater contributer to these future conflicts than any actual impacts of global warming? 

By continually painting the darkest picture, the drum-beaters of climate change apocalypse are building this public perception of doom, a perception which may very well drive people to pre-emptively take actions to “protect” themselves against the “coming collapse.”  Countries begin to view their neighbors not all trading partners or allies, but as competitors, consumers of ever-dwindling resources.   Conflicts heat up over oil fields or control of river sources.  It becomes and us-vs-them mentality.  Hoarding and fear driving prices to incredible levels, economic failure due to the inability of the average person or small business to pay these higher prices…all brought about by the carefully managed bugaboo of global warming.  Not because there really ARE any droughts, or because sea-level really DID rise 20 feet, but merely because people will have been bred by propoganda to believe it’s going to happen, and so react to the perception, rather than the reality.

And there’s no actual proof that the earth is going to dry up and blow away because of global warming.  But it sells papers, and it serves the agenda of those who want to use radical environmentalism to further their own agenda of eroding national sovereignty.  Global warming is just the latest tool used by those who want to break down the things which makes this country great, and make us accountable to the ever-more oppressive socialist rules of some all-powerful international body.  In my cyncial way, I don’t really believe that the loudest doomsayers are really all that concerned about global warming or the environment.  They are just cagey enough to know a good vehicle to drown out the truth of their intent beneath more fear-based, consensus-driven rhetoric.

We run the risk of creating a crisis where one need not exist buy giving into our fears, rather than using our brain.  That’s right, that’s what I am saying:  we face potentially greater peril from the global warming movement than from global warming itself.

Well, bite me.  ‘Cuz I ain’t buying it.


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