The War Within #2

Posted: April 7, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Parenting, Politics

It has been suggested by one of my more astute, and I must assume Liberal (yes, we know, redundant) readers that my body cavity is occupied to a large extent by excrement.  Feces.  You know.  Shit.

 Therein lies the dilemma in “engaging” some of the more liberally minded.  So entrenched is their certainty in their cause and worldview, that the only possible reason they fathom for disagreement is that the other person is either a) woefully uninformed, b) deeply misguided, c) clinically delusional, and/or finally… d) full of shit.

The root problem is that there is little disagreement about the actual facts.  The quantifiables.  The existence of these progressive, forward-thinking programs and curriculla is not in doubt.  Clearly, as they are openly and aggressively promoted by the socialist progressive cause.  At issue is the wisdom, intent, and ultimate outcomes of these programs on our society.  Opposing them — much like a great deal of the modern liberal dogma — is met with some ad hominem attack.  “Of COURSE, you think that.  White, Christian conservative.  Ptooie.  Clearly YOU’VE got no credibility here, because all you want is a theocracy, and pregnant women chained to the sink. ”

See though, the thing is, I’m not woefully uninformed.  I see what’s happening.  I read the news.  And I read between the lines.  I make the linkages that so often those behind the scenes don’t want revelealed.  Which naturally gets met with a tisking and a poo-pooing about consipiracy theories, and don’t you care about the children, and a women’s Constitutional right to chose.   Tax the rich, ‘cuz being rich is bad, unless you’re a liberal movie star, and then come on over to our $1,000 a plate lucheon to raise $23 million for Hillary Clinton, because she’s a friend of the poor.  And Air America speaks for the people, even though not enough of the “People” listen to it to keep it on the air.

Yeah, I’M the one whose chock full ‘o the brown stuff.

But, in the interests of fair and reasoned discourse, I offer a variety of links in the way of substantiation.  Things I’ve stumbled across, or been steered towards:

Provacation Alert – Islam in U.S. Public schools – The Velvet Hammer has already done my work for me.  Check out all the links on Islam “appreciation” in public schools.  You know, those hallowed halls, those stalwart bulwarks against the instrusion of church into State.

Hostage drill at NJ school features mock ‘Christian terrorists’ – You can’t profile Muslims, and everyone is shaking in their Birkenstocks at the thought of “offending” the men and women of Islam, but I guess we are free to call conservative Christians “terrorists” without pause.

Check out these links:
Then check out these: Clinton ally pushes ‘transformational education’
Transformational Education: What is it?

It’s about “positive outcomes” and “building a responsibility-based culture” and ” multicultural awareness.”  Like I said, it all sounds good, and who wouldn’t want that, right?  What are you against responsibility?  Until you peel back the wrapper and see what lies beneath.  New Age.  It’s spirituality.  But wait, isn’t that BAD in schools?  No, just Christian spirituality.  Not buddhist, zorastarian, or others.

Cooperative Learning

“It is a way for students to learn essential interpersonal life-skills and to develop the ability to work collaboratively– a skill now greatly in demand in the workplace.”

know that one’s performance is mutually caused by oneself and one’s team members.

Back in my day, we called cooperative learning “cheating.”  Tongue in cheek aside, this is a group-think, socialist mentality being fostered and promoted in our schools.  We all move at the pace of the slowest learner.  Excellence only results in your being fed back into the collective to “motivate” the slower ones.  And no one moves on until everyone has “mastered” the desired “outcomes.”

Outcomes-based education and “School-To-Work” and “Goals 2000” are all the same thing, just repackaged every time someone blows the whistle on it.  It’s not about educating children, making them well-rounded individuals.  It’s about tuning them for certain careers, as determined by the system.  It’s about optimizing workers for the collective. 

Sex education curriculums in secondary education are based in large part on the “research of Kinsey and Masters, two researchers whose studies have been extensively debunked, and who were big proponents of the early sexualization of children.

It’s not so much that I am full of anything, as it is a standard methodology for the progressive mindset – marginalize the dissenters.  Use coercive guilt tactics, or bring public pressure to bear to quell rebellion.  There are elements of these curriculums which tell administrators and teachers how to deal with “problem” parents who won’t get on board.  It’s part of the “consensus process” which values agreement and conformity over truth and absolute values.

So, the information is out there.  It’s just a question of how you choose to interpret the data.  I suggest that new age group-think philosophizing, the early sexualization of children, the culture of disposable humanity brought on by the billion-dollar abortion industry, and the setting aside of personal accountability to an immutable Higher Power in favor of accountability to an every-shifting group morality, are just a few of the hallmarks of our cultural decline.

  1. Daniel says:

    Keep the gas out-going. The progressive regression into historical corruption and tyranny is the path of the sainted liberals.
    Their dogmatism is worse than those droned-incessantly about, especially the supposed theocracy. Of course, they speak of fear concerning theocracy because they better than many know America was constituted as a limited-form of it. Progressives are like Jim Jones collectively leading all of their lambs (everyone else too) to the slaughter. Problem is he and his guards did the slaughtering. So it is with the liberals and their well-paid politicians.

  2. Staten says:

    “Conservative Blogging 101”

    1. Grab a cheap thesaurus…check!

    2. Take random tidbits of things I can easily attack…check!

    3. Use those random tidbits of things to try and paint everyone who is Democrat/Progressive with the same brush…check!

    4. Ignoring the stupid shit that conservatives do because it might take away from my positions…check!

    5. Being totally full of shit and looking like an assclown…check!

  3. Steve B says:

    I stated up front that conservatives weren’t the answer.

    1. Attack the form of my argument, but leave the substance untouched. Check.

    2. Imply that the vocabulary of a conservative (i.e.- knuckledragging reactionary throwback afraid of higher learning) must be cobbled together from reference material rather than as a result of paying attention in class. Check.

    3. Validate all my presuppositions about the character of your average liberal….


  4. […] The War Within #2 There are elements of these curriculums which tell administrators and teachers how to deal with “problem” parents who won’t get on board. It’s part of the “consensus process” which values agreement and conformity over truth and absolute values. […]

  5. velvethammer says:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the nod. Much obliged!

  6. […] The War Within #2 There are elements of these curriculums which tell administrators and teachers how to deal with “problem” parents who won’t get on board. It’s part of the “consensus process” which values agreement and conformity over truth and absolute values. […]

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