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More and more I read about “the coming collapse,” the global crisis looming on the horizon due to the grim spectre of global warming. Doomsayers and alarmists paint an apocalyptic picture of great famines and drought, with bloody wars fought over diminishing pools of resources and countries scambling to lay claim to whatever they can, defending what they have with force, conducting raids to steal water or food to support their dwindling populations.

All based on the “science” of global warming.

I have to wonder if “we” aren’t creating a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I can’t help but wonder if this kind of shrill alarmism won’t, in fact, be a greater contributer to these future conflicts than any actual impacts of global warming? 

By continually painting the darkest picture, the drum-beaters of climate change apocalypse are building this public perception of doom, a perception which may very well drive people to pre-emptively take actions to “protect” themselves against the “coming collapse.”  Countries begin to view their neighbors not all trading partners or allies, but as competitors, consumers of ever-dwindling resources.   Conflicts heat up over oil fields or control of river sources.  It becomes and us-vs-them mentality.  Hoarding and fear driving prices to incredible levels, economic failure due to the inability of the average person or small business to pay these higher prices…all brought about by the carefully managed bugaboo of global warming.  Not because there really ARE any droughts, or because sea-level really DID rise 20 feet, but merely because people will have been bred by propoganda to believe it’s going to happen, and so react to the perception, rather than the reality.

And there’s no actual proof that the earth is going to dry up and blow away because of global warming.  But it sells papers, and it serves the agenda of those who want to use radical environmentalism to further their own agenda of eroding national sovereignty.  Global warming is just the latest tool used by those who want to break down the things which makes this country great, and make us accountable to the ever-more oppressive socialist rules of some all-powerful international body.  In my cyncial way, I don’t really believe that the loudest doomsayers are really all that concerned about global warming or the environment.  They are just cagey enough to know a good vehicle to drown out the truth of their intent beneath more fear-based, consensus-driven rhetoric.

We run the risk of creating a crisis where one need not exist buy giving into our fears, rather than using our brain.  That’s right, that’s what I am saying:  we face potentially greater peril from the global warming movement than from global warming itself.

Well, bite me.  ‘Cuz I ain’t buying it.

A little of this about that…

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On a related note, the Jacob’s Creek Cab is everything I’d hoped it’d be.

Well, the Lucretia Mott hits just keep rolling in.  I’m kind of figuring that it’s term paper week somewhere at some mid-size western college, and a borderline feminist American History teacher gave everyone an assignment to write about “Great Women” in America, and put my doll Lucretia at the top of a list of suggested candidates, and the paper is probably due this Friday, and even though she assigned it better than four weeks ago, everyone is suddenly scrambling to dig up some dirt on Lucretia Mott, and are so desperate for content that they’ll even hit my site looking for something, ANYTHING, to pad the 1,500 word essay, typed, doubled spaced, one-inch margins in Time New Roman font size=11 that(which?) they’ve been shackled with.

Yeah, I know.  The “shackled with” SHOULD be “with which they’ve been shackled.”  But you know what? NOBODY ACTUALLY TALKS LIKE THAT!  Thus, I suggest to all those term-paper desperados, that you begin a subtle, yet persuasive movement to emphasize the colloquial usage, rather than remain tied to archaic literary forms which, while enjoying the noteriety of traditional employment, have become, how you say, a bit passe’ in actual everyday application.  N’cest pas?

I mean, seriously.  “Funner” was officially added to the dictionary recently.  What can you do?

Ooo!  OOOh!  Hey! You know what?! I FINALLY got a weblink over at “FileItUnder!”  Time for some more PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE!  BWAHAHAHAHA!

Dinner tonight consisted almost exclusively of a couple of glasses of a decent cab-sauv, and about half a bag of honey-mustard flavored tiny twists. Rold Gold if you must know.  Red Wine and pretzels?  Yeah, I know.  Cretin.

Annnnd NOW!  For the complete first season of Stargate Atlantis!  ROLL IT!

“If you won’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.”

 I like it.

Or… “Debunking Global Warming Hysteria Made Easy.”

In the interests of full disclosure, let me admit full on and up front that I am not a scientist.  I don’t have the technical credibility to contradict a prevailing school of thought on global warming on any kind of scientific or academic basis.

However.  I AM fairly proficient at stringing words and thoughts together in a coherent and rational fashion, (better than most I might most humbly add) and therefore I AM qualified to blow big, gaping, ragged holes in others’ poorly executed attempts at obfuscation.

Take for example this latest example of the-sky-is-falling promotion of global warming as the next Black Plague: 

Data indicate warming far worse than thought
Summer ice could disappear as soon as 2020, leading scientist reports

Yes, yes, now is when you are supposed to wring your hands and tremble in fear.

“What’s happening to the Earth as a whole is a catastrophe, and the disappearance of Arctic sea ice has got to be one of the first indicators of the catastrophic changes,” Wadhams told ITN’s Lawrence McGinty


If the findings — which were collected by measuring the ice with three-dimensional sonar equipment and assessing water temperature and salt levels — are confirmed, they would represent a significant acceleration of the damaging effects long predicted from global warming (my emphasis)

Uhm…er, uh ‘scuse me?  “IF THE FINDINGS ARE CONFIRMED?!”  So, uh, I take that to mean that you pulled together this carefully crafted piece of journalistic excellence based on a single source of unsubstantiated data?  Oh but wait, it gets better.

In a sign that the cycle is expanding year-round, measurements by the Snow and Ice Data Center showed last month that the winter sea ice this year was the second smallest on record.

Follow the link.  The worst year was LAST year.  Which would, uh, seem to me to suggest that things improved this year.  But really, don’t let that distract you from the impending DOOOM!

The effects of accelerated global warming would be more broad around the globe, the panel said, warning that 20 percent to 30 percent of plant and animal species were at increased risk of extinction. Some parts of Europe could lose up to 60 percent of their species by 2080, it said.

In addition, as many as 130 million people could face severe food and water shortages across Asia by 2050, the report said. By the 2080s, wheat could disappear entirely from the African continent.

Again, I’m not a scientist, but how do we extrapolate what the next 80 years will hold based on data from only the last 20?

Walt Meier, a research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado, called Wadhams’ 13-year projection “extreme, but not completely implausible,” and cautioned that the thinning could simply be the result of “compression of thicker ice into a smaller region.”

“It’s dangerous to extrapolate into the future, especially from such a short period,” Meier told on Tuesday.

Well THANK you for a voice of reason. What happened to that whole “scientific consensus” thing?  Oh, but wait.  Follow the link in this article, and you get another Meier’s quote.

“This long-term trend, which seems to be accelerating, is really an indication of a warming, and the only way you get the warming is with greenhouse gases,” said NSIDC research scientist Walt Meier.

The only way? Nothing else contributes to GW but the evils of man-made flourocarbons?!  Uh….yeah.  Even I know that’s utter codswallop.

“Even the most stringent mitigation efforts cannot avoid further impacts of climate change in the next few decades,” the (U.N.) report concluded.

Well, then screw it!  Why worry?  It’s already too late.  WE’RE DOOOOMED!  Then does that mean you’ll shut up now?

This is why a great number of people, traditionally the more conservative voices, tend to hold on to a bit a scepticism about the scope and severity of the global warming phenomenon.  There’s no doubt that we are in a warming trend, and that areas traditionally ice-bound are melting at unusual rates or amounts.  It’s the CAUSE which bears greater scrutiny.  And it’s the kind of shrill, thinly-substantiated alarmism in this article that does the most damage to the credibility of the “pro-warming” movement.

By way of comparison….

Scientists think variations in Mars’ orbit and tilt drive the planet’s climate over time, though a few astronomers have speculated about how the Sun’s activity could be partly to blame for warming on several planets.

In addition to warming from the atmosphere, ice-thawing heat could come from the core of Mars, analogous to the plumes of heat that cause volcanic eruptions on Earth. But evidence from the new radar study suggests the Martian crust is icy cold and rigid.  (all emphasis mine)

Uh….isn’t that what a large swath of the global warming deniers (myself included) have suggested might be happening on earth?  Obviously they talked to the wrong group of scientists.  You know, the one’s not included in the “most scientists agree” category.  I’m sure this lot will be roundly censured and marginalized any second now.  That’s right, can’t have planetary climatologists mucking up the global warming debate with wild scientific conjecture like this, now can we?!

The global warming hysteria is, IMHO, driven to a large extent by those who already have a vested interest in believing the worst about the evils of capitalism or westernism.  The tea-house liberals who wear their Birkenstocks and drink their tofu herbal smoothies…all the while conveniently keeping out of consciousness how those goods might have made it to the Trader Joe’s (not on donkey or horse-drawn carriage, I assure you)…are the ones quickest to raise the alarm about the terrors of global warming. 

Those skeptics among us, those slightly less prone to fits of emotional whimsy and thus less susceptible to random alarmism, require a better standard of proof than these kinds of gasping catastrophism and often mutually contradictory “scientific” analysis; studies in many cases cherry-picked to paint the darkest picture, not out of any genuine concern for the poor peoples of Africa, but for the sole and express purpose of pushing forward the radical environmentalists’ long-running agenda

I can remember her so clearly now, though in every real sense, I never really knew her at all. 

She was the one who stood beside me as I crested a mountain top and, for a moment, lost my breath at the incredible majesty unfolding before me.  She leaned into me, her arm entwined in mine, and whispered such melodious words into my ear, each rich with color and vibrance and an aching passion for life.

She was the one in the seat next to me, laughing in an almost mad sort of ecstasy as I raced down the freeway, the side of my car a foot from the jersey barriers flashing by at better than 60 miles an hour.  I could hear her throaty scream of utter abandon as I stuck my head out the window and narrowed the gap between blurred concrete and human skull to less than eight inches.  My own mad grin mirroring her own.  My own shout of exhultation mixing with hers, mixing with the rev of the engine and the rush of the wind, a three-part harmony to the accompanying hum of the tires, creating a symphonic cacophony of intensity and heart-pounding energy.

She was with me in those moments of quiet solitude, the early waking hours of day as the sun would just crest the horizon, the air still heavy with nights chill, and then the first rays of warmth would catch my face and hold it in golden-gloved hands, caressing my cheeks, planting a lingering kiss of warmth on my lips.  I could sense her there, curled up like a cat, her hair spilling across the blanket covering my lap as the bittersweet aroma of freshly-brewed coffee lingered in the air like an exotic turkish perfume.

And she was there, faithfully, even at two or three in the morning, rubbing shoulders tense with an as-yet unexpressed sonnet of angst and passion, anger and futility, fervent idealism or somber introspection, slowly forming bits and pieces of some nearly incommunicable idea, roiling and churning beneath my skin, tying muscles into knots with the visceral frustration of trying to find exactly the right way to string the words and sounds and thoughts and syllables together.  Her fingers worked and worked at the tightly bound coils, loosening, softening, until finally the words would begin to flow down my arms, into my fingers, and finally out across the page with a simple majesty that at times would leave me breathless and in awe.

Slowly, though, her presence began to fade.  Her once reassuring presence no longer lingered by my side as faithfully as before.  I caught only glimpses of her now and then, her visits becoming rarer, and shorter, more and more filled with gentle regret than fulfilling hope.  Her once strong hands grew frail, no longer able to wring the majesty from my knotted tendons.  Her lusterous hair lay in tangled disarray, dull, and ill-kempt.  Her pale, perfect skin, once shining with an inner light so bright it could illuminate the dimmest reaches of my soul, became but a wan, flickering glow, the barest guttering spark of a forgotten candle, the wick all but consumed.

Her eyes still sparkled, but her face betrayed the growing emptiness within her.  She no longer stood beside me, whispering in my ear, exhorting and inflaming my mind’s eye to truly see.  Now she only gazed at me listlessly from across the room, a pale shadow, nearly indistinct against the gathering shadows as evening reclaimed its domain.  Sorrow began to drift from her like an ephemeral mist, emanating, radiating outwards like the thin strands of a vaporous shroud, a shroud which would soon become her burial cloth.

I let the voices within me be stilled.  I let my gift go untouched, lying forgotten beneath the burdensome weight of life’s myriad demands on my time.  For a time she cried out to me, anxiously seeking my attention, pulling me back towards that life.  Yet I spurned her, rejected her, and by doing so, slowly began to kill her.

She seemed to lose the strength to do more than stand, eyes sunken and hollow, a grayness about her which blurred her features into a confusing jumble of shapes and forms, nearly unrecognizable.  Her skeletal hands trembled with an ague, a palsy bearing all the hallmarks of impending death.  Her mouth opened in a worldless entreaty, barely enough breath left in her dessicated lungs to whisper a final admonition. 

Don’t…forget…me…”  The final word spent in whispering rush, like a rush of leaves in the sudden gust of a cold, autumn wind.

I slowly shook my head, a bitter, rueful smile contorting my mouth into some grim fascimile of a gargoyle’s mad, capering maw.  “I can’t afford to remember,” I said. “Not now, not like before.  It just…I just…can’t.”  And so I turned my back on her again, one, final time.

I felt a cord break within me, releasing, as though some anchor had broken loose from its mooring chain.  I turned back, a sudden hesitation, a vague sense of irrevocable disaster at the edges of my senses, only to watch as her diaphanous form burst apart in a sudden shower of effervescent mist, a slowly settling cloud of angelic dust which sparkled briefly before disappearing as it settled to the ground.

I heaved a reluctant sigh, but perhaps it was for the best.  I don’t have time for such distractions, do I?  No place for melancholy broodings or wild flights of fancy.  Such recklessness, such childish idealism has no place in the hectic world which clamors for more and ever more of my time and attention.  Right? Right.  It was for the best.  Really.

But as I walked away, a still, small, quiet voice whispered in my ear…the vaguest hint of a breath of air…and asked:

When did living become just staying alive…?

I didn’t have an answer. 

Resurrection Day

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By way of an Easter post, and by that I mean Resurrection Day,  I would first like to post some links to articles I’ve written in the past, back when I had an active Internet devotional ministry.  Peruse at your lezshurrr…

Attention Shoppers! It’s Easter!

Easter and the Crucifixion – Part 1
Easter and the Crucifixion – Part II

Easter and the Crucifixion – Part III

It’s kind of difficult to decide what I should write about this day.  Easter has become a very specialized, very narrowly focused holiday.  It barely blips the public radar anymore, other than as an excuse for spring sales on summer dresses, the community easter egg hunt and maybe some free candy at the bank counter on Saturday.

My son asked me tonight, after watching an incredibly moving passion play at church this morning, does Easter celebrate the Crucifixion or the Resurrection?  The Resurrection, I say.

“So why didn’t we do anything three days ago for the Crucifixion?”

Whoa.  Great question.  More even than the birth of Christ, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jeshua, the Christ, defines and justifies our faith as Christians.   We carry on and on about the miracle of Jesus’ birth, an entire month or more dedicated to parties and celebrations loosely tied to the Christmas season.  Decorations and ornaments and lights adorn homes and businesses and billboards for weeks.

Yet, for the penultimate event of the Christian faith — the defining aspect which distills down the fundamental core of who and what we are as a Body in Christ — gets about a day. 

My son’s question has given me serious pause.  Why DON’T we do more with the day of Crucifixion?  And why isn’t the Day of Resurrection given more fanfare?

Perhaps it is because Christmas celebrates a birth.  Gifts, and celebration, and babies and seraphim and songs.  Great stuff. Fun stuff. Marketable stuff.  Something that just any ol’ body can get swept up in.

The crucifixion of a man who claimed to be God in human form, His subsequent resurrection, and the potentially disquieting aspects of this on our very personal and intimate lives is slightly less jubilant, a great deal more sobering, and decidedly less marketable.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men” looks great on the cards and banners and wrapping paper.  “He bore our sins, to death, in agony, taking on the shame and guilt of the world” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

This Resurrection Day, I am taking a hard look at my life.  I want to see what things I need to crucify, what things I need to put to death because they are keeping me from growing closer to God.  And then, I want to identify those things I need to resurrect, those once fervent desires to serve God, to commit my skills and gifts and talents to His service that perhaps I have allowed to grow fallow and dim from disuse.

My challenge to myself, and to you, is to live in the victory Christ secured for us on that cross, not continue to huddle in the darkness which sent Him to that tomb.

It has been suggested by one of my more astute, and I must assume Liberal (yes, we know, redundant) readers that my body cavity is occupied to a large extent by excrement.  Feces.  You know.  Shit.

 Therein lies the dilemma in “engaging” some of the more liberally minded.  So entrenched is their certainty in their cause and worldview, that the only possible reason they fathom for disagreement is that the other person is either a) woefully uninformed, b) deeply misguided, c) clinically delusional, and/or finally… d) full of shit.

The root problem is that there is little disagreement about the actual facts.  The quantifiables.  The existence of these progressive, forward-thinking programs and curriculla is not in doubt.  Clearly, as they are openly and aggressively promoted by the socialist progressive cause.  At issue is the wisdom, intent, and ultimate outcomes of these programs on our society.  Opposing them — much like a great deal of the modern liberal dogma — is met with some ad hominem attack.  “Of COURSE, you think that.  White, Christian conservative.  Ptooie.  Clearly YOU’VE got no credibility here, because all you want is a theocracy, and pregnant women chained to the sink. ”

See though, the thing is, I’m not woefully uninformed.  I see what’s happening.  I read the news.  And I read between the lines.  I make the linkages that so often those behind the scenes don’t want revelealed.  Which naturally gets met with a tisking and a poo-pooing about consipiracy theories, and don’t you care about the children, and a women’s Constitutional right to chose.   Tax the rich, ‘cuz being rich is bad, unless you’re a liberal movie star, and then come on over to our $1,000 a plate lucheon to raise $23 million for Hillary Clinton, because she’s a friend of the poor.  And Air America speaks for the people, even though not enough of the “People” listen to it to keep it on the air.

Yeah, I’M the one whose chock full ‘o the brown stuff.

But, in the interests of fair and reasoned discourse, I offer a variety of links in the way of substantiation.  Things I’ve stumbled across, or been steered towards:

Provacation Alert – Islam in U.S. Public schools – The Velvet Hammer has already done my work for me.  Check out all the links on Islam “appreciation” in public schools.  You know, those hallowed halls, those stalwart bulwarks against the instrusion of church into State.

Hostage drill at NJ school features mock ‘Christian terrorists’ – You can’t profile Muslims, and everyone is shaking in their Birkenstocks at the thought of “offending” the men and women of Islam, but I guess we are free to call conservative Christians “terrorists” without pause.

Check out these links:
Then check out these: Clinton ally pushes ‘transformational education’
Transformational Education: What is it?

It’s about “positive outcomes” and “building a responsibility-based culture” and ” multicultural awareness.”  Like I said, it all sounds good, and who wouldn’t want that, right?  What are you against responsibility?  Until you peel back the wrapper and see what lies beneath.  New Age.  It’s spirituality.  But wait, isn’t that BAD in schools?  No, just Christian spirituality.  Not buddhist, zorastarian, or others.

Cooperative Learning

“It is a way for students to learn essential interpersonal life-skills and to develop the ability to work collaboratively– a skill now greatly in demand in the workplace.”

know that one’s performance is mutually caused by oneself and one’s team members.

Back in my day, we called cooperative learning “cheating.”  Tongue in cheek aside, this is a group-think, socialist mentality being fostered and promoted in our schools.  We all move at the pace of the slowest learner.  Excellence only results in your being fed back into the collective to “motivate” the slower ones.  And no one moves on until everyone has “mastered” the desired “outcomes.”

Outcomes-based education and “School-To-Work” and “Goals 2000” are all the same thing, just repackaged every time someone blows the whistle on it.  It’s not about educating children, making them well-rounded individuals.  It’s about tuning them for certain careers, as determined by the system.  It’s about optimizing workers for the collective. 

Sex education curriculums in secondary education are based in large part on the “research of Kinsey and Masters, two researchers whose studies have been extensively debunked, and who were big proponents of the early sexualization of children.

It’s not so much that I am full of anything, as it is a standard methodology for the progressive mindset – marginalize the dissenters.  Use coercive guilt tactics, or bring public pressure to bear to quell rebellion.  There are elements of these curriculums which tell administrators and teachers how to deal with “problem” parents who won’t get on board.  It’s part of the “consensus process” which values agreement and conformity over truth and absolute values.

So, the information is out there.  It’s just a question of how you choose to interpret the data.  I suggest that new age group-think philosophizing, the early sexualization of children, the culture of disposable humanity brought on by the billion-dollar abortion industry, and the setting aside of personal accountability to an immutable Higher Power in favor of accountability to an every-shifting group morality, are just a few of the hallmarks of our cultural decline.

Authorities: Fifth-graders posted lookout, had sex in class

The students were arrested Tuesday at the Spearsville school in rural north Louisiana, authorities said. Two 11-year-old girls, a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year old boy were charged with obscenity, a felony. An 11-year-old boy, the alleged lookout, was charged with being an accessory.

The class, which had around 10 other students, was alone for about 15 minutes, he said.

“When no teacher showed up, the four began to have sex in the classroom with the other elementary students in the classroom with them,” he said.

Son. Of. A. BITCH! 

It’d be too easy to make some “rural Louisiana” joke and write it off to inbreeding.  But I suggest that it goes much deeper than that.

This type of thing is, to me, the clear and unequivocal fruit of modern “progressive” social engineering policies.  It’s a hallmark of the utter breakdown of traditional morality in this country.  And this, I lay firmly at the feet of the liberal/socialist saboteurs working diligently and fervently to break this country down and build it back up again their way.

So-called “Rainbow Parties” are becoming more and more prevelant, yet seem strangely under the radar in the mainstream media.  The long-standing school of thought in “modern”/progressivist sex education is that children should be encouraged to “explore” all aspects of their sexuality at a fairly early age in order to identify their prefered “genre”, and thus be able to “fit in” with their burgeoning sexual peer group.

All of these ideas, concepts, and symptoms are the fruit born of allowing the progessivist agenda to hold sway in our school curriculums, from the elementary grades clear through the curriculum which trains our teachers.

Our children are taught that “morality” is such an “absolutist” concept (spoken of, of course, with much derision and disdain), reserved for those kill-joy fundamentalist Bible-thumpers.  Truth is relative, and morality is self-determined, based on what is the best for your self-esteem.

Let me ask you.  What exactly does it do for your self-esteem to have group sex in front of a bunch of your classmates?  How are you defining yourself, and being defined?

That this kind of episode occurs, that in the space of a few unsupervised moments, these grade-school children would engage in open and unapologetic SEX in the middle of a classrom is so bizarre and unconscionable that I can’t even begin to process it.  I’m so steaming mad I can hardly see straight.

Fifth graders should be flirting, maybe.  Passing notes, learning to interact and understand the opposite gender through trial and error.  You know, the “old fashioned” way.  Not dropping trou’ and giving it up to some random kid in math class the first time the teacher’s back is turned.


This is why I oppose the progressivist philosophy.  This is why I use modern liberalism as verbal toilet paper.  It’s no longer about achieving the same end through different means (if it ever really was).  Liberals and conservatives are not just using different methods, they are attempting to achieve fundamentally different goals

Liberals, and in that pool I include most mainstream Democrats, are trying to undo the republic formed and created by our Founders.  These progressive social engineers truly believe in their collective hearts that the bold, self-determinent, and Biblically-based morality wired into our Constitution and Bill of Rights was at best misguided, and at worst, corrosive to true personal liberty.  Of course, by liberty, they mean freedom from moral restraint, accountability, or social censure — the three underpinnings out of which our Founding Fathers believed that their Republic sprang.  Read their writings.  Jefferson, Washington, Franklin.  So many others.  Time and again they assert that the nation was designed for a moral people, bound by the rule of law and restrained by their belief in a higher moral accountability, either to God, or at least to each other.

Modern progressivism has none of that.  Its foundation lies in the removal of restraints, or embracing whatever manner of social malfeasance is dictated by the fickle whims of the prevailing new-age philosophies of the moment.  All of which seem to be oriented on a steady, and every more aggressive erosion of our traditional (and dare I suggest, historically successful) ethos.

I no longer believe that modern-day Republicans are the guardians of our future either.  Yet, for all their flaws, I do not see in them engaging in such a direct and dedicated effort at destroying the very fiber of this nation as I see in the liberal Democrats.

I’ve had enough.  For some reason, that article was the last straw for me.  I don’t know what I can do.  I’m not sure how best to proceed.  But I’m moving off the sidelines.  Blogging ain’t enough.  Whinging on and wringing my hands gets me nowhere. 

Maybe too much has been going on for too long and we’ve already rounded the bend. However, I honestly don’t see much difference in the Beslan attack on a school full of kids, destroying so many young lives, and the more insidious, but no less deadly attack on our children by the evil corruption of modern progressive education and the radical liberals infesting our adminstrations and elected offices.

I’m done taking it.  I’m going to do something about it.  Not sure what, but something is better than the nothing I’ve laid on the table to date.


Like I said.  Bastards.  But remember.  They support the troops. Yeah.