The new Master Race

Posted: January 22, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Politics, Religion of Pieces

A comment I made in my last post about a Master Race mentality has been brewing and stewing in my mind all weekend.  Mostly because I’ve realized that even that while the comment was made in passing, with even an air of flippancy about it, it still hit the nail right on the head.

The militant, arrogant, defiant, and increasingly demanding nature of the international Islamic culture, with its overweening sense of entitlement and in many ways elitist sense of moral superiority is disturbingly reminiscent of the sense of racial and cultural pride found in the Japanese imperialism of the late 19th and early 20th century.  There is an almost aryan-like sense of some sort of inherent elevation above the “infidel”, much like that present in the Nazi party in the 30’s and 40’s.

There, now I’ve done it.  I’ve compared militant islam to Nazi fascism.  Let the fatwahs begin, eh?

 Consider the word “infidel.”  Infidel, at its core, means “unclean.” An unbeliever.  Something less-than.  By branding someone as an infidel, you dehumanize them, you set them outside the realm of compassion or mercy, and thereby justify all manner of abuses and atrocities in the name of “cleansing” the world of this stain.  An infidel becomes sub-human, something to be shunned and avoided.

Sound vaguely familiar, somehow?  The imperial Japanese viewed other races, particularly the Koreans, as subhuman.  As fit only for servile manual labor, or a sex slaves.  Western POWs during WWII were treated like caged animals, as property to be disposed of as wished.  The Nazis clearly held the same view towards Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, and any other race deemed “subhuman.”  They were the Nazi’s infidels.  These views were what led to to the Battan Death March, Samurai beheadings, and the Chlorine Showers and the murderous ovens of Dachau and Auschwitz.

So what is it that, at its core, has led to ethnic cleansing in Darfur and Sudan?  What has led to the Fatwahs and Jihads against “infidels” and “unbelievers?”  What has led to the death squads and beheadings in Iraq?  What has justified the gassing of Kurds or the slaughter of Christians in Indonesian and Africa?

Global Islam sees itself as a Master Race.

Our media and progressive apologists tend to paint islamicists as downtrodden freedom fighters or as misunderstood devotees who just want to worship in peace.  I agree.  They are misunderstood.  They are too often looked at as a religious minority, as a special interest group fighting for credibility in the big pool of religions.  We sometimes misunderstand the true nature of what we are facing.

As individuals, they are just people.  Just as the individual Japanese or German were okay guys and gals.  But when added to a cultural collective, when whipped into a frenzy of cultural fervency, built to a fevered pitch by a gifted orator such as a Goebbels, the grand Imam of the Nazi party, then the individual identity begins to give way to the racial identity.   Once the individual identity gets lost to the grand collective vision of supremacy and conquest, all bets are off. 

Worse still, there becomes a cultural “right answer.”  A self-policing party line which bears no dissent, and variation from which is met with often violent retribution.  The more fervent the devotion to the approved and accepted meme, the greater the rewards to the individual.  The more prestige, the more power.  Thus the incentive to not only conform, but to innovate, and add progressively more stringent and demanding standards, all in the name of cultural purity.  Again, ringing any bells here?

The Global War on Terror is not about revenge for 9/11.  It’s not about an eye for an eye.  It’s not even about eradicating the Taliban.  It’s about fighting against the same sort of Master Race mentality that made the Imperial Japanese and Nazi Germany a threat to our people and our way of life.  We are the infidels.  We are the subhumans to the Islamic sense of racial elitism. 

And we will be dealt with accordingly.  Unless we understand our enemy. 

Don’t soft-coat his agenda in the name of tolerance.  Don’t minimize abuses by calling the guilty a “fringe.”  And don’t dismiss or marginalize the alarmist who dares to paint the threat with a realistic brush, rather than whitewash the danger in the name of capitulation and “dialogue.”

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  2. the forester says:

    I appreciate this post … reminds me a bit of what I sought to accomplish here, in spelling out plainly just what we’re up against. We’re so quick to apologize for the Muslim majority that we may dismiss, to our detriment, the full threat that Islamic extremists pose.

    Unlike Nazis, Muslims are a shade more gracious — there’s always the possibility of conversion. Wasn’t it the president of Iran who recently invited Bush to convert so that America and Iran could put aside their differences? But of course this distinction is really not much less dehumanizing than Nazis, in that Muslims seek to conquer not just our bodies, but our minds.

    Christians also view the world as separated between believers and nonbelievers, and thus could come under similar criticism for having an infidel-type mentality. In fact the threat of Islamic extremism is causing more and more liberals to point fingers at Christianity as well, which is why I wrote What Do We Intend? Of course, the real reason liberals equate Christians with Muslim extremists has less to do with Christian conduct or intentions than it does with liberals’ own desire to stamp their worldview on all others.

  3. lynnthehappytraveler says:

    I have never thought of it that way. And I like it.

    It’s so refreshing to see a blogger with non-liberal political views . . .

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