Damn that global warming!

Posted: January 18, 2007 in Environmentalism, Global Warming

I’m pretty sure that the crushing snowfall and rampant ice storms are a clear sign of approaching global warming related catastrophes.  Things get any hotter around here and they’ll be ice skating in Florida.

Oh, and that minimum wage increase thing?  Based on personal experience, I can assure you that forcing small businesses to pay more money for their employess is a zero-sum game.  If they pay more in one area, they will be forced to cut in others.  They may not lay people off, but they will cut things like, oh say, medical benefits.  So, you’ll still have a job, but you may work less hours, and you won’t have medical.  Sure, technically you’re getting paid “more,” but it will nowhere near offset the cost of going out and finding your own health insurance.

So, the funny thing, that’s right, the downright gut-busting hilarious thing about this whole deal is that it might just end up driving MORE people to seek government assistance.

Or maybe, that’s the idea?  Dependent people are easily coerced (read: controlled).

  1. Strider says:

    “Or maybe, that’s the idea?”

    This concept has become a political mantra of mine — I see it all the time: Socialism begets socialism.

    Socialism by definition makes people more dependant on government, and it’s a vicious circle: the more dependant you are on government, the more dependant you become on government.

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