Random Thoughts on Life, #533

Posted: January 9, 2007 in Celebrating Diversity, Military, Politics, Random Thoughts

People who can’t make coffee just shouldn’t…make…COFFEE.  Gurk.  Pblech.  Ptooie.

You know what I hate?  You know what chafes me worse than wool boxers?   Those “drifting” banner ads that pop up on your screen when you hit a website, sailing from left to right across your screen, obscuring whatever it was you were trying to look at.  At then you have to wait for it to stop moving so you can find the microscopic little X to close it; cuz heaven forbid you take a stab at it on the fly and end up at some website offering Levitra at cut-rate prices.

You know what else I hate?  You know what else get’s under my skin worse than some burrowing African fly larvae?  The AOL instant messenger full audio movie-trailers that pop in the ad-window.  Of course, it will be at 1130 at night when you can’t sleep, and the durn thing refreshes and suddenly you realize you left the speakers cranked after playing Dawn of War earlier, and now you’ve got some audio feed from Saw 3 blaring through your speakers waking up the neighborhood.  Grr.

Well, no sooner had the Dems taken control of Congress than there were calls for homosexuals to be allowed to serve openly in the military. Calls which were resoundingly shushed by the military.  The Dems still don’t seem to get the idea that the military is not just another petri dish for social experimentation.

I guess my question is this:  If we have gender-specific bathrooms and locker rooms, which one do homosexuals use?  I’m serious.  Would a group of women feel comfortable showering with a man in their midst?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that a group of hetros might feel similar discomfort showering with a man or men they know to be active homosexuals?  If nothing else, the DADT policy allows those deeply homophobic souls such as myself to shower in a communal locker room with a relative degree of certainty that no one is checking out my butt.  Even if it’s a carefully managed fiction.  I’ve got to be honest, if there was a gentleman that I knew to be gay, I would wait until he left the area before jumping in the shower.  Not out of spite or fear or discrimination, but simply because I don’t feel like parading the goods for his perusal.   

In that respect, doesn’t the DADT policy actual PREVENT discrimination?  I tend to disagree that we’ve yet come so far that the average joe is totally cool with sharing an eight-man bunkroom on a ship with his openly gay shipmate, or showering up in the hustle and bustle of production-line showers so often experienced in military life, especially in the field.  “Separate but equal” isn’t a good compromise, and would be prohibitively expensive as well.  So what’s the right answer?

And, given the natural trend of thought of this, once homosexuals get the go to come out of ye old gear locker, doesn’t that pretty much herald the standard stampede of related causes?  Will the next cause de jure be for transgendered and cross-dressers to wear women’s clothes when out on leave and liberty?  Will “domestic partners” now qualify for dependent benefits as a “spouse?”  I can imagine the Wive’s Club will take on a whole new flavor.

  1. Coffee News says:

    I hate it when there are coffee grounds in the bottom of the pot.

  2. Joe says:

    Yep…gotta keep those homos second class citizens. Can’t have someone serve their country if they have caught the ghey.

    It would disrupt the morale of the military…which was the same thing that was said about allowing blacks and women to serve in the military.

    Damnit, we gotta make sure that only straight, conservative, Christian, white men serve in the military!

  3. Steve B says:

    Thank you for that cogent, insightful, well-reasoned and comprehensive response to my post, Joe.

    Or not.

  4. Joe says:

    Pretty much the only response this bit of homophobic ranting deserved Steve-O.

    I mean…can’t have our great white, straight, Christian, conservative warriors catching the ghey now can we?

  5. Steve B says:

    So your answer is essential, “Dude, get OVER it!”?

    And of course, it’s only white, Christian conservatives who might have a problem hanging it out in front a homosexual, right? NOW who’s being judgemental, eh?

    I attempted to couch my argument in what I felt where fairly reasonable terms, with a genuine desire to address the issue openly.

    You, of course, went right to painting me into the same stereotypical corner as always. Ah yes, the classic liberal mantra: Dare not question the sacrosanct homosexual lifetstyle, lest you be immeditately branded a right-wing fundamentalist hater.

    Dude, you are one step above a troll, only because you sign your posts.

  6. kontan says:

    A persons sexual preference is their business and has no place in the professional environment.

    Those annoying ads: Firefox has an adblocker add-on that is pretty good.

  7. Steve B says:

    Congratulations, Joe. I think that’s the first comment I’ve ever actually deleted.

    Not because of your viewpoint, but because of your choice of invective and the personal attack.

    You wanna discuss things? Great. Want to make profane suggestions? No thanks.

  8. Joe says:

    Like you’ve never used the word fuck on this blog. Get over it little man. At one time I thought you were an all right guy. But, you’ve proved yourself to be the opposite. On this blog you’ve taken ahot after shot at me and I have ignored it. Well, you can go fuck yourself. (yet you want to get all high and mighty sounding when your little punk ass is called out.) What a fucking pussy your turned out to be. Fucking jarhead.

    Please delete my link on your blog and I will do likewise. You will not have to worry about me posting here anymore. Have fun running a blog where everyone agrees with you and nothing is really discussed.

  9. Steve B says:

    That one, I think I’ll leave up. It says more about you than I ever could.

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