You know what I think?

Posted: January 8, 2007 in Blitherings

Another in a series:

I think:

  • That the Downing Street Memo was spot-on.
  • That Global Warming will be used as an effective foil to distract from events heralding the coming of the Tribulation.
  • That neither Republicans or Democrats are the “right answer” anymore.
  • That calling us a “salad” rather than a “melting pot” just doesn’t work. Cuz with a salad, if you don’t like tomatoes, you can still pick them out.
  • That Evil exists. And that it’s got an Agenda.
  • Starbucks coffee, really, isn’t all that great.
  • I’d take Rachael Ray over Britney Spears any day of the week.
  • That so-called “Reality Shows” don’t match any reality I’ve every experienced.  Mostly because they are heavily scripted to ensure maximum drama.

On a personal note, I’ve managed to gain about 6 pounds over the holidays.  And I was already a good 10 pounds over where I want to be weight-wise.  So, my plan is to lose 15 pounds in three months.  I’ll be “sharing” some workout tips and things I pick up along the way, what seems to work, what doesn’t.  A lot of it is stuff I already know, but simply haven’t been putting into practice.  Wish me luck.

Monday weigh-in = 187 lbs.

First weight loss tip:  Don’t weigh yourself every day.  Your day to day fluctuations will be minimal and can lead you to get discouraged.  Pick one day a week, and weigh on that day.  First thing in the morning.  I recommend Monday.  If you pick Friday, you may be tempted to “reward” yourself over the weekend if you’ve made progress.  Knowing you have a weigh-in on Monday will help curb the desire to “splurge”.

Next tip:  Have an accountability partner.  Give them the weigh-in sheet, and have them record your Monday numbers.  You can lie to yourself, but knowing someone else is watching helps keep you honest.

  1. Joe says:

    Pretty good list there Steve-O.

    Good luck with the weight loss. I’ve lost a ton of weight with Atkins…and lifting weights and walking. I wouldn’t recommend Atkins for the long term…but it is a hell of a shot and the arm and can take the weight off quick.

  2. Steve B says:

    I’m going the Body for Life route. Seems more to fit my lifestyle.

  3. carin says:

    Starbucks sucks. I’ve been saying it for years.

    I’m one week into Weight Watchers (I exercise too, but I did that before I started dieting). Lost 4 pounds last week.

  4. Kontan says:

    I’m with Carin, Starbucks sucks.

    Salad vs. Melting Pot- good point.

    Rachael Ray annoys me…but then so does Britney Spears.

    Weight Loss- IMO everything in moderation…and get off you rear daily.

    good luck!

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