Posted: December 7, 2006 in Creative Writing, Random Thoughts

The sky flashes a brief electric blue as the lightning dances across the leading edge of the approaching storm.  But, like a technicolor silent film, there is no accompanying sound; the storm is still too far away for the thunder to be heard, instead spending itself vainly against the unbreachable distance between it, and I. 


Rain now, splashing and splattering in fitful bursts, the drops so warm in the humid jungle air that you can scarcely feel them as they hit your skin.  The air is thick with moisture, so thick it feels like there isn’t quite enough oxygen in each breath you take. 

The rain is falling like half-imagined static across my vision as the streetlights turn each drop into a hazy, indistinct suggestion rather than a decisive commitment to precipitation.  The faint yet pervasive hiss of the drops striking the corrugated tin roofs is an inescapable background of white noise that clings to my ears like some diaphanous shroud.


Thunder now, growing louder, as though someone were rolling a bass drum half-filled with rocks down a long flight of concrete stairs.


The rain has arrived in full, but still without any driving force.  It seems to fall out of simple obligation, rather than with any real fury or sense of urgency.  It drums on the roof with a vaguely frenetic patter, sounding for all the world like a handful of dried kidney beans shaken in an empty coffee can.


A hundred coffee cans now as it quickens its pace.  Suddenly water is everywhere in great, cascading sheets. 


And then, just as suddenly, all is quiet again, as though someone crimped the hose to God’s sprinkler.  Rain, then silence.  Rain, then silence.  A strange, undulating rhythm of anticipation and release.

  1. Kontan says:

    Wow. Your writing captures everything I love about the rain. It can be so calming, yet at times exciting and beautiful. There is something striking about the way you have written this. You capture the anticipation and gradual build up to a deluge and the burst of energy to a great release, then calm.

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