On the 9/11 “Truthers”

Posted: September 15, 2006 in Politics, Rants, Religion of Pieces, Utter Inshanity!

Yes folks, believe it or not, there is a small (but apparently growing?!) contingent of, uh, what’s the word here…uh, concerned activists WHACKJOBS out there who state with unequivocal certainty that the terrorists attacks of September 11th, 2001 were in fact part of some carefully orchestrated master plan carried out by key members of the current (say it loud, now) REPUBLICAN administration. Oops. I mean, “regime.” A dark and nefarious plan put into motion and given the go-ahead by one, George W. Bush. Aka Hitler, etc.

Yes, George Bush. Ordered the premeditated murder of thousands of American citizens.  Why? Because…uh, well, because…uhm…hold on, I know this one.  Uh, YEAH! FOR THE OIL!  YEARRRRRGH! You know.  Kill 3,500 Americans so you can go to war, and kill 10,000 more cameljockeys!  Because that’s G.W., you know…alllll about the KILLING! And the oil.  And Haliburton.  I’ll bet they got the no-bid contract for all the explosives. 

There are those who — with a completely straight face, a fervent pitch to their voice, and yes, a mad, mad gleam in their eye — are able to state categorically that some group (the size, composition and/or goals of which are all unknown) somehow managed to wire both towers, as well as Bldg 7 to implode. On demand. You know, “a controlled demolition.”

And yet, anyone who has ever seen a Discovery Channel special on controlled demolitions of old buildings, smoke stacks, or facilities like the Kingdome in Seattle could tell you how many man hours go into rigging, wiring, and testing such a set up. And we’re to believe that “They” somehow managed to pull it all off, in three separate buildings, all full of people. Without so much as a whisper of notice.  No one tripping over wires, and det cord and piles of C-4 and TNT.

And that’s where we get to the really scary part.

These people, in the absence of any evidence save for their own delusional visions, have managed to convince themselves beyond any doubt or hope of rational discourse that, “BUSH DID IT! 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.”

Because they hate Pres. Bush, and Republicans, and conservatives, and anyone else who doesn’t agree with them. They are able to rationalize any theory, any course of action, no matter how illogical or unsupportable. Because that’s how it HAS to be, therefore that’s how it must be! Bush is Evil, because he planned 9/11! Why did he plan 9/11? Because he’s evil!

Folks, where I come from, we call that “circular reasoning.”

The greatest danger posed by this kind of worldview arises when they have so convinced themselves that the opposition, The Enemy, is capable of such depths of premeditated evil — and that by opposing Him/Them they are in fact opposing evil — that they can then rationalize and justifiy all manner of activities, viewpoints, and courses of action very nearly as reprehensible, all in the name of the “higher good.” They justify extreme measures to fight extreme evil.

This leads me to believe that the so-called “Truthers” are operating on the same moral and psychological level as the terrorists.  They see themselves as valiant freedom fighters, nobly standing up to “The Great Satan” {{i.e. – Bush}} in the name of their brand of “freedom”, furthering their ideology, no matter the cost to sanity, stability, or rule of law.

They are unapproachable on an intellectual level. They are so sold out to emotional fervor that rational thought processes no longer hold sway. Even confronted by hard facts, by engineers, architects, and eye-witnesses, the “Truthers” will continue to argue, to condemn, to hold fast to their cherished conspiracy theories despite the mountain of evidence against them.

They will tell you that you didn’t see what you think you did. You are a victim of the shadow government’s masterful deception, accepting at face value the computer-altered images fed to you by the government controlled Media. Or that you are “one of Them.” Or that you are another victim of powerful government mind control, to which they are inexplicably immune.

The Truthers view themselves as the final arbiters of moral authority, and the sole seekers of real Truth. And will accept no dissent, will acknowledge no view which doesn’t support their dogma.

So, if you think that The Bush Cabal somewhere managed to find pilots who would fire missiles into crowded skyscrapers and the Pentagon, or demo techs who would wire the WTC knowing it would be dropped still full of people, or airport personnel who would let knife-wielding terrorists on planes knowing full well what they intended, then YOU, my friend, are every bit as crazy as the men behind the controls of those planes that day.

And I genuinely fear what kinds of things you will come to see as “justified” in the pursuit of YOUR Holy War.


Read some of the Comments on Mary Catherine Hamms article, “Beware the Truthers. Don’t Ignore Them.”

Planetoftheapes writes:

Occam’s razor analysis basically make the NeoCons the only group that could have pulled 9/11 off in the manner it was pulled off.

I am scared. Once Bush and Co. get really cornered they my attack us again. This time bigger.


Snicker. Laugh. Giggle.  I love the expression on the dudes face.  (h/t Cox & Forkhum)

  1. Joe says:

    I can’t believe that someone actually used Occam’s Razor to defend that nutjob position. Gee whiz! What is wrong with people?

    I can’t stand Dubya…but to say that he ordered 9-11 is just sick, disgusting and, as Penn and Teller would say, it’s bullshit!

  2. Steve B says:

    Yup. You can debate whether or not he’s a good president, or even a good man. But I just don’t seem him as the kind of maniacal sociopath that it would take to run that kind of show.

    Never mind the magnitude of the logistics involved.

  3. Joe says:


    Now, if you wanna argue that Bush used 9-11 as a pretext to launch a war for oil….

  4. the forester says:

    I’ve wondered, over the last five years, whether Bush’s approval rating in America would drop beneath that of Osama bin Laden. That would be, for me, the final evidence that we have lost perspective and given ourselves over entirely to the zealotry of indignation.

    But these people have gone even further. I mean, my gosh — bin Laden must really be an innocent victim, a neocon scapegoat! That poor man, forced to flee into the mountains of Pakistan, fearing for his life over something he didn’t do! (Or scratch that — only claims to have done.)

  5. Joe says:

    I just wonder what would have happened had bin Laden not been given U.S. money back in the ’80s.

  6. Steve B says:

    The whole “war for oil” thing just rings way to hollow for me to give it any credibility whatsoever. You’re telling me that it’s easier invade another country than to tell the environmentalist lobby to get stuffed and start drilling in ANWAR and reopen the Gulf of Mexico?

    Well, maybe you DO have a point there. The greenies pack a lot of punch in Washington these days.

    Of course, I don’t see the Iraqi oil tankers lining up to offload down at Long Beach, either.

    And, Saudi Arabia has three times the oil of Iraq. It would have been much easier to invade them if we’re so “desperate” for oil.

  7. Joe says:

    I do think oil was a reason for going into Iraq. Every modern war always seems to have an economic impact. The war companies lining up to profit from this war before it even got started.

    As tight as the Bushies are with the House of Saud I don’t think we will invade them for any reason. It’s not like Saudi Arabia is a big source of terrorism or anything.

  8. Steve B says:

    Well, there’s a difference between economic impact and economic motivation.

    With Bush it’s oil and Big business. With Clinton it was China and campaign money.

    It’s always possible to ascribe the worst possible motives to “the other guy.”

  9. Joe says:

    But I do think oil was a prime economic motivation for the Bushies.

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