Oh goody. Another abortion post!

Posted: August 29, 2006 in Random Thoughts, Unblogging, Utter Inshanity!

One of my in-laws just had a baby.  Poor tyke was a bit premature, born at 32 weeks.  He was 4 lbs, 9 ozs, delivered by Ceasarean section.

Now, having long been an observer and participator in the abortion debate, I have to ponder some questions:

Since the “item” was a good 8 weeks early, that’s two months for the math challenged, I have to ask, does it still qualify as a “baby?”  It didn’t pass through the birth canal, so can it really be said to have been “born?”

4 lbs is pretty dang small…can nearly fit in the palm of your hand.  It’s in neo-natal ICU, so it’s clearly not “viable” as it needs some respirator assistance and constant care.  And yet, its parents went ahead and named it.

Many pro-abortionists maintain that the fetus is not actually a “baby” until it is born.  Is that true even if we yank it out early via an incision?

And yet, a baby born two months early, a mere four pounds of flesh is ALIVE.  It is breathing.  And eating.  It has a name.

I tend to think that it didn’t undergo some radical metamorphisis as it slipped between a few inches of muscle tissue gripped in the gloved hands of the doctor.  No subatomic shifts, no transition between states of matter or inter-dimensional jumps.  The doctor did not pull a “fetus” out of that woman’s uterus.  He pulled out a baby.

I just don’t see it.  Doc’s got his hand down inside a woman’s innards, gripping the “thing”:

 “Okay,” he says, “I’ve got the fetus.”

Don’t you mean baby, Doctor?”

No, not yet.  It’s still inside.”

The legs are out!”

Yes, but most of it’s still inside.  Still a fetus.”

But doctor, look!  The torso and arms, and a shoulder are all out!”

Ah, yes, but conventional wisdom among the pro-abortioners is that while the head is still inside, technically, the fetus isn’t ‘delivered.’  Heck,” he jokes with a chuckle, “I could still penetrate the skull and suck out the brains and it would be called a ‘procedure!’

Doctor! The head has come out. The baby is fully delivered!”

Well, okay, I guess your right. It IS a baby….now.”

Just don’t see the distinction, is all.  Clearly it is one of mere semantics, rather than of objective reality.

An unrelated post, only, it’s not.

  1. the forester says:

    Fantastic, wonderful post. Great job of exposing the arbitrariness of our rationale for abortion. Loved the dialogue at the end — both fun and very telling.

  2. carin says:

    I knew a woman who had a baby around week 24. It was so amazingly tiny. And, it is fine (it was a little delayed for a few years, but I believe has caught up.)

    Now, abortion supporters would have said a woman would have a “choice” to abort at that point. It really is sickening.

    I think there is a big disconnect when discussing abortion. One side is talking about rights, and the other is talking “life and death.”

  3. Howard says:

    Good post.

    I think the last abortion discussion I had with a prochoice person was not over the issue of the baby’s humanity. They either seemed to be considering that the baby is not a person by redefining person, or they acknowledge the personhood and kill it for some greater good argument.

    I think the abortion movement is simply deranged.

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