Repeatedly striking the expired equine

Posted: August 16, 2006 in Politics, Rants, Religion of Pieces

You know, enough already. I’ve gone on and on from a variety of different tangents and angles on all things Muslim and terrorist, and I’ve pretty much burned myself out on the subject. If you don’t understand by now that the Islamic fundamentalists will never, ever stop until every last non-Muslim in the world is either dead or, well, Muslim, then you ain’t ever gonna believe it.

If you are still interested in engagement and understanding after yet another massive, complex plot to kill a whole lot of people just for the ever-lovin’ hell of it by a bunch of radical, koran-thumpers, well, nothing I can say will likely get through to you. If people like Cindy Sheehan, who lived through 9/11 and lost a son to a bunch of beheading lunatics, still figures George Bush is the REAL enemy, well then, it’s going to take more than anything I’ve got to change those kinds of minds.

Sure, Christianity has its loons. We’ve got our Fred Phelps and Dave Koresh’s and the like. But these freak-shows are few and far between, and uniformly condemned by “mainstream” Christianity. Islam just keeps cranking these folks out by the bunker-full. Al Zarqawi makes David Koresh look like Rosa Parks. And what’s worse, and should be a clarion call to rationality, is that these people keep gathering large and devout followings. Osama, Zarqawi, Arafat – all big, big names in Islam. An awfully deep, wide, and populous “fringe” if you ask me.

As my final and parting shot on the subject, let me just add this. Time and again I have heard the same worn out rhetorical saw come lumbering out of the mouths of the Islamo-apologists and Jihadist sympathizers, the elite of the elite among the Al Jazeera set, who claim that ISRAEL is to blame for all the unrest in the Middle East. Israel is the catalyst, the flash point, the sole source of blame for all the problems in the region. In that vein, let me submit this map:


That little white strip? That’s Israel. You know, that cancer that is killing the Middle East.

But in a way, those folks are right. Israel IS a big part of the problem. Because THEY WON’T JUST SHUT UP AND DIE. Or convert to Islam.

And folks, there it is. Any other country in the world with the same attitude…IS PART OF THE SAME PROBLEM AS FAR AS ISLAM IS CONCERNED.

But again, if you ain’t figured that out by now, it’s quite simply because you flat don’t want to know.


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