Not like you didn’t see this coming…

Posted: August 15, 2006 in Politics, Religion of Pieces, Utter Inshanity!

Hezbollah leader declares victory

“We came out victorious in a war in which big Arab armies were defeated [before],” the black-turbaned cleric said in a taped address on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television.

In other words, where Egypt, Syria, and Jordan have failed, we were victorious against the Israelis.  Aren’t we just a bunch of badasses?

“We are today before a strategic, historic victory, without exaggeration,” Nasrallah said.

Without exaggeration?”  I don’t really think that’s possible for you dudes.  You are the kings of hyperbole.  And staged photos.

Nasrallah implicitly rejected provisions in the U.N. cease-fire resolution that called on Hezbollah to disarm and leave an area that stretches from the Israeli border to the Litani River,

In other words, now that we have “forced” Israel into a cease-fire, we are going to promptly ignore all the provisions of it.  Again, hard to see THAT coming, eh?

“Lebanon’s infrastructure has been destroyed in all places, but most intensely among the people of the south and southern Beirut….He estimated some 15,000 housing units had been completely destroyed.

This is part of their definition of “victory?!”

Nasrallah said the “massive devastation and destruction” inflicted upon Lebanon during the monthlong war reflected Israel’s “failure and impotency.”

The fu…?  I suspect that if Israel were any more impotent, then by this definition there wouldn’t be a building left standing in Beruit.

This is something the cynics, doubters, and capitulationists NEED TO UNDERSTAND:  To the Islamicist, taking hundreds or thousands of casualties, and suffering untold damage and destruction can be claimed as a victory if you have still managed to play upon the compassionate West’s heartstrings and “forced” a ceasefire which leaves your group fundamentally intact, and which hamstrings your opponent’s (Israel in this case) ability to continue to interfere with your plans.  The human cost is NOTHING when compared to the imperatives of the POLITICAL CAUSE!  (Don’t bother, Joe.  I heard your voice in my head even as I typed that.)

They have declared victory, and they are right. 

Sure, they may be down dozens of rocket launchers and gun carriages, but you know what?  They forced Israel, Lebanon, and the UN to deal with them as a legitmate political and social organization, very nearly as a government, rather than as the bunch of murdering thugs they are.  And they are still there.  And they are still sending a rousing eff you to both the UN and Israel.

Capitulation and appeasement are only seen as signs of weakness in an enemy by these people.  And “cease-fire” is just a quaint euphemism for “time to re-equip and rearm.”

  1. Joe says:

    LOL! Thanks for the shout out!

    But…this may surprise you…wait for it…I acutally agree with you on this. Good post and you made some good points.

    Just when you think you’ve figured out the answers…I change the questions. lol

  2. Keith says:

    Hezbollah has no idea what a war is.
    They may count themselves lucky that Israel took the innocent citizens of Lebanon into consideration and did not instead just roll through like a wall of fire.

    Israel could and should have destroyed Hezbollah. It would have produced one of two results.
    #1 Rid the world of Hezbollah
    #2 Shown without a doubt that Iran and Syria arm Hezbollah

    Perhaps both 1 & 2 could have come to pass.

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