One a’ them there, uh, “no win” sitchee-ations.

Posted: August 14, 2006 in Politics, Rants, Utter Inshanity!

As I watch the ongoing kefuffle about the “purported” plot by “alleged” terrorists to “supposedly” blow up more than 10 airliners in midair, I am struck by a thought {thwack}.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, there was this great awful wailing and gnashing of teeth about who knew what when, and why didn’t we know more, and could we have done more to prevent it, and Bush dropped the ball, and their deaths were directly or indirectly on his head.

Then, as time went on, and it turned out that it was no one person’s fault, but rather a systemic failure across the board, the buzz died down for a while.  Until it came light that the Bush administration undertook radical and extensive measure to change the way that we do business, and actively went on the hunt for the bad guys, using a broad spectrum of high tech measures to ferret out the little weasels.

Only to have another great wailing and gnashing cry arise about “invasive” eavesdropping and violation of civil liberties, and is the cost of chasing “supposed” terrorists worth the price of liberty, and who are we to listen in to everyones’ cell phone conversations; in essence, we’ve become as bad as the terrorists.

So now, yet another dramatic plot to kill unarmed civlians, men, women and children by the planeload, hatched by the sick and twisted minds of the enemies of western culture has been unearthered and foiled by more of those “intrusive” measures.  Sadly, however, those same wailing and gnashing voices of cynism have become so tarnished by their own kinds of hate that rather than give a rousing, “Woa! good one guys!“, we get instead, “Bush &Co. planned the whole thing as a carefully-staged media event during an election year.”

Either we didn’t do enough, or we’re doing too much, or we’re being racist, or divisive.  We are either ignoring the “real threat” (Osama Bin Laden) in favor of a war for oil, or we are making up threats to manipulate voter sympathies.  We are either disenfranchising voters, or trying to “hoodwink” them with fancy talk and big words.  Or voting machines.

The Republicans are either so busy sticking our nose into other countrys’ problems that they are letting domestic issues suffer (Oh, Katrina!), or they are so involved the affairs of the rich elite that they are letting the poor of the world suffer (Oh, Darfur!).

We shouldn’t have gotten involved in Iraq, but we should have in Sudan.  Bush is a clueless doofus who’s running the country down a dead-end through sheer incompetence, OR, he’s a wiley manipulator who’s masterfully pulling strings behind the scenes to secure his grip on absolute power.

I must admit, I’ve gotten a little confused.  Which is it?  Anyone?   A little help here?

  1. Joe says:

    I dunno…perhaps used up all his benefits of the doubt when he started lying and taking us into a needless war.

    Or maybe he’s played the 9-11 card too many times.

    When it comes to Bushie it could be a number of things.

  2. kontan says:

    Either way you choose it TBOB, the “correct” answer is the one for the moment with Bush-haters. He can do no right, only wrong, and btw…you didn’t know he caused Katrina? According to sources, he planned that one too. Go fig.

    Bad choices are made on both sides, and it is the guy in charge who gets the blame. Just the way it works.

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve not heard people say Bush caused Katrina…I’ve only heard Right Wing Nuts make that claim on the liberals’ behalf…go figure.

    But…maybe since Bush has fucked up everything else….

  4. TBOB says:

    No, it’s not that he caused Katrina. The blue-state party line is simply that he was too busy sipping Mint Julips and partying with his rich oil buddies to bother to do anything about poor, black people until the media weighed in a he felt like he had to do something out of obligation, for like, you know, WEEKS.

  5. Joe says:

    Yeah…can’t disrupt Bushie’s vacation and fundraising for little things like that now can we?

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