You can only say “God” in school…

Posted: July 13, 2006 in Celebrating Diversity, Christianity, Environmentalism

…if it’s followed immediately by “damnit.”

I had a thought today.  Yes, I know, quite the occasion, I realize.  But it went something like this:

Just suppose that there was this advocacy group out there, a bonafide, registered 501C-3 Non-profit organization, which and whom was devoted to promoting environmentalism, preserving green spaces, and protecting the historical heritage of ancient “naturalist” ways of life. 

Suppose, while we’re at it, that the aforementioned CNP (civilian non-profit) annually applied for and received thousands of dollars in Federal grant money.  Good for them, eh?

Now just suppose that if you looked a little closer at this group of, oh say, 18 dedicated and energetic men and women, and discovered that they all just happened to also be practicing Wiccans.  Suppose that their devotion to environmental causes stems from their belief in the earth as Gaia, a powerful spiritual being manifest in the form of our Earth, and that part of their manifesto and creeds states that they are devoted to the preservation of Mother Gaia against the evil of industrialization, etc..  Oh, and to also preserve the rich heritage of ancient “naturalists” by funding their museum/research center dedicated to honoring and promoting the Wiccan way of life.

Now.  I ask you this.  Would the receipt by this organization of thousands of dollars annually of Federal monies garnered through taxpayers dollars a violation of the “separation of church and state?”


I bring this up because the whole “church & state” debate never seems to go away.  But from what I’ve seen, there is all sorts of “spirituality” promoted in schools.

Here’s some linky food for thought:

Wicca’s World: Looking Into the Pagan Phenomenon

A Dutch court has ruled that the costs of witchcraft lessons can be tax-deductible, the Associated Press reported Oct. 31.The previous month, the Leeuwarden District Court confirmed the legal right to write off the costs of schooling — including in witchcraft — against tax bills.

Lucis Trust

Transformational Education (Buddhism Lite)

Toward a transformational education
by Steve Rozman

An educator himself, correspondent Rozman discusses the direction education will take in the future, based on the ideas of the (Ascended) Master Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey books. 

A truly transformational education will break down the barriers established between organized education and organized religion. For much too long, education has been narrowly based and has greatly ignored the development of the inner subjective life. DK proclaims that spirituality will be promoted through the educational process and asserts that “enlightenment is the major goal of education.” In the pursuit of this goal the teaching of the science of meditation will be “one of the major building techniques”

So, we can’t have “religion in schools,” yet we can promote school curriculums based on the buddhist teachings of an Ascendent Master, “channeled” through an acolyte?

Color me confused…

  1. kontan says:

    anything for a tax write off…

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