Because learning English is just so….so….

Posted: July 5, 2006 in Utter Inshanity!

HAAAARRRRRD! {{whimper, snivel, sniffle}}

Puush for simpler speling perzists despiet lak of publick intrest

Eubonics making a come-back. American children just “too stupid” to learn a “really complex” language like English.

Rather than educate our children and require high academic standards, let’s just drop every other vowel and every third consonant.

Oh wait. You don’t know what vowels and consonants are? Nevermind. Go back to text messaging your other illiterate friends. Oh, sorry. “Illiterate” was just too big a word for you?

Try: stooopid. igerant. dum-dum hed.

If our children can’t seem to manage learning basic grammer, spelling, and sentence structure, it isn’t becuase they aren’t bright enough, it’s because out education system has failed so completely and miserably to truly educate them.  But rather than address THAT, some would suggest that the answer is simply to lower the standards even further.


(H/t to Don Surber)


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