On this, our Independence day…

Posted: July 4, 2006 in Blitherings

I had it in my mind to write this grandiose and moving 4th of July patriotic tribute.

And then, I decided not to.  Instead, I ask only that you read the following article by one George Lakoff, posted at Huffington Post:

George Bush Is Not Incompetent

And then take a few moments to ponder to yourself, what does “freedom” or “independence” really mean?

To the “progressive” Left, Patriotism, conservatism, religious devotion, and all the associated trappings thereof are somehow now being defined as “evil.”

I guess the reason I didn’t write the article is that I find it difficult to rejoice in my freedoms, when those personal liberties which I have so long taken for granted are more and more often being labeled as “extremist” or “evil.”

To the George Lakoffs of the world, I must say only this:

It is, and has always been, predominantly conservative, Christian-esque men and women who have made up the bulk of the forces which guard our country and our way of life. And yet for you, this only serves to reinforce your determination to be at odds with everything for which generations of young men and women have fought and died, giving their lives, to protect.

If you want to be a socialist, move to Cuba. As for me, I believe freedom means that I can have an “unpopular” opinion without being branded as evil.

People like Lakoff and the minions at Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and the rest of the shrill progressive mainstream are not evil. They merely want to make this country into something fundamentally different that what the founders intended. They want to “remedy” the errors of Biblical-based representative republicanism in favor of something based on entitlements and enforced equality and the very rule of government they on the one hand seem to oppose, only to impose it anew based on THEIR agenda.

As we celebrate a hard-fought and often tremulous independence, let us understand, really, at the core, what had made this country great, and what has kept it free.

And understand that there are people out there who feel it their right, even their obligation, to take that legacy and change it into something foreign and incompatible with western, anglo-christian ethics.

These people are already inside our borders. These people view patriotism as a sickness to be healed, or to be destroyed. And they must must be opposed, or the Great Experiment will finally fail. This is their goal. We must not let it happen.

Happy 4th of July.


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  1. carin says:

    Ugh, don’t sent me to read asshats like that. I need to take a shower.

  2. bitsofbrain says:

    Know yer enemy, and all that…

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