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…if it’s followed immediately by “damnit.”

I had a thought today.  Yes, I know, quite the occasion, I realize.  But it went something like this:

Just suppose that there was this advocacy group out there, a bonafide, registered 501C-3 Non-profit organization, which and whom was devoted to promoting environmentalism, preserving green spaces, and protecting the historical heritage of ancient “naturalist” ways of life. 

Suppose, while we’re at it, that the aforementioned CNP (civilian non-profit) annually applied for and received thousands of dollars in Federal grant money.  Good for them, eh?

Now just suppose that if you looked a little closer at this group of, oh say, 18 dedicated and energetic men and women, and discovered that they all just happened to also be practicing Wiccans.  Suppose that their devotion to environmental causes stems from their belief in the earth as Gaia, a powerful spiritual being manifest in the form of our Earth, and that part of their manifesto and creeds states that they are devoted to the preservation of Mother Gaia against the evil of industrialization, etc..  Oh, and to also preserve the rich heritage of ancient “naturalists” by funding their museum/research center dedicated to honoring and promoting the Wiccan way of life.

Now.  I ask you this.  Would the receipt by this organization of thousands of dollars annually of Federal monies garnered through taxpayers dollars a violation of the “separation of church and state?”


I bring this up because the whole “church & state” debate never seems to go away.  But from what I’ve seen, there is all sorts of “spirituality” promoted in schools.

Here’s some linky food for thought:

Wicca’s World: Looking Into the Pagan Phenomenon

A Dutch court has ruled that the costs of witchcraft lessons can be tax-deductible, the Associated Press reported Oct. 31.The previous month, the Leeuwarden District Court confirmed the legal right to write off the costs of schooling — including in witchcraft — against tax bills.

Lucis Trust

Transformational Education (Buddhism Lite)

Toward a transformational education
by Steve Rozman

An educator himself, correspondent Rozman discusses the direction education will take in the future, based on the ideas of the (Ascended) Master Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey books. 

A truly transformational education will break down the barriers established between organized education and organized religion. For much too long, education has been narrowly based and has greatly ignored the development of the inner subjective life. DK proclaims that spirituality will be promoted through the educational process and asserts that “enlightenment is the major goal of education.” In the pursuit of this goal the teaching of the science of meditation will be “one of the major building techniques”

So, we can’t have “religion in schools,” yet we can promote school curriculums based on the buddhist teachings of an Ascendent Master, “channeled” through an acolyte?

Color me confused…

Q: What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

A: Nuthin’.  You already done told the bitch TWICE!

That’s not funny.  And if you think it is, you may very well be an oppressor.  Very likely male.  But you know what?  It’s not your fault.  Why not?  Because you probably haven’t been exposed to the right multi-media presentations!

That’s right, people.  According to the fine folks at the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

  • People of color are unlikely to identify emotionally and/or physically abusive behavior as domestic violence. This may be due in part to the minimal distribution of public education materials about domestic violence in communities of color and places that people of color may frequent. Materials that are distributed typically do not contain graphics, images, and messages that people of color relate to.

    Yes, you heard it here first.  People of color, whether they be Indians, Hispanics, or Blacks, may not understand that slapping dey bitches ’round and calling her a useless twat is, how shall we say this, “wrong.”  This is because they haven’t had the benefits of the right social programs.  That’s right.  We, as a society, are failing our brethren of color by not dumping more funding into properly “tuned” flyers, posters, and television ads designed to speak to the unique needs of the Abusers of Color.  Written of course in Eubonics, Big-Letter, Easy Read style, with lots of bright, primary colors because most POCs are likely borderline illiterate since they may not trust or feel comfortable learning in the “white” dominated educational establishment.

    And we need to help these poor, misunderstood abusers and abusees via Non-Governmental Organizations, because apparently, people of color might not feel comfortable relying on services provided by government white people.

  • There may be a mistrust of the mainstream formal system by some people of color. Some people of color may not trust services provided by the “white” system (Government agencies, social service providers and other helping agencies with primarily “white” administrators and staff).  Historically, some people of color were discriminated against by such systems and people of color may perpetuate a mistrust of such systems as a form of protection against further acts of discrimination.

    Now, I can’t speak for everyone here, but given the sweeping pervasiveness of affirmative action programs, it has been my experience that most governmental agencies are awash in racial minorities, developmentally disabled and other special interest minorities such as the transgendered cross-dressing omnisexual who works the latte’ stand in the lobby at the County Registrar’s office.  Whether it’s the DMV, Social Services, or the county courthouse, the only white people you are likely to see are 63 years old and hard of hearing.

    Although West Virginia licensed domestic violence programs are private, non-profit agencies, they may be viewed by people of color as part of the formal “white” system – a system that has historically discriminated against people of color.

    That’s right.  Since it was only just recently that blacks could start using “white” drinking fountains, sit at the cafe’ counter, or ride wherever they want on buses, it’s understandable that today’s POC might still be feeling the sting of institutionalized racism at the hands of the white, male, heteronormative-dominated government oppressors.  So lets try to cull away customers from the social services that are paid for primarily with rich, “white” tax dollars and feed them into our non-profit organizations.  You know, so we can show a higher census and thus qualify for more government funding and tax breaks.

    The consequences of oppression by a white system may be viewed by a person of color as more detrimental than the consequences of an abusive relationship.

    So please, send us your donations so we can continue to perpetuate the culture of victimhood and maintain the carefully managed institutionalized-racism meme.

    If you need help determining which Victim Identity Group best reflects your failure to take personal responsibility for your actions and lifestyle, please contact the Fenris Badwulf School of Telemarketing Excellence for advice and guidance on how best to milk the system obtain your proper entitlements based on whatever racial disability you have suffered, or think you might have suffered, or could potentially suffer, at the hands of whitey.

    Because, after all, it’s not your fault you are the way you are.  Society has made you that way.  So it’s society’s responsibility to fix you.

    HAAAARRRRRD! {{whimper, snivel, sniffle}}

    Puush for simpler speling perzists despiet lak of publick intrest

    Eubonics making a come-back. American children just “too stupid” to learn a “really complex” language like English.

    Rather than educate our children and require high academic standards, let’s just drop every other vowel and every third consonant.

    Oh wait. You don’t know what vowels and consonants are? Nevermind. Go back to text messaging your other illiterate friends. Oh, sorry. “Illiterate” was just too big a word for you?

    Try: stooopid. igerant. dum-dum hed.

    If our children can’t seem to manage learning basic grammer, spelling, and sentence structure, it isn’t becuase they aren’t bright enough, it’s because out education system has failed so completely and miserably to truly educate them.  But rather than address THAT, some would suggest that the answer is simply to lower the standards even further.


    (H/t to Don Surber)

    I had it in my mind to write this grandiose and moving 4th of July patriotic tribute.

    And then, I decided not to.  Instead, I ask only that you read the following article by one George Lakoff, posted at Huffington Post:

    George Bush Is Not Incompetent

    And then take a few moments to ponder to yourself, what does “freedom” or “independence” really mean?

    To the “progressive” Left, Patriotism, conservatism, religious devotion, and all the associated trappings thereof are somehow now being defined as “evil.”

    I guess the reason I didn’t write the article is that I find it difficult to rejoice in my freedoms, when those personal liberties which I have so long taken for granted are more and more often being labeled as “extremist” or “evil.”

    To the George Lakoffs of the world, I must say only this:

    It is, and has always been, predominantly conservative, Christian-esque men and women who have made up the bulk of the forces which guard our country and our way of life. And yet for you, this only serves to reinforce your determination to be at odds with everything for which generations of young men and women have fought and died, giving their lives, to protect.

    If you want to be a socialist, move to Cuba. As for me, I believe freedom means that I can have an “unpopular” opinion without being branded as evil.

    People like Lakoff and the minions at Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and the rest of the shrill progressive mainstream are not evil. They merely want to make this country into something fundamentally different that what the founders intended. They want to “remedy” the errors of Biblical-based representative republicanism in favor of something based on entitlements and enforced equality and the very rule of government they on the one hand seem to oppose, only to impose it anew based on THEIR agenda.

    As we celebrate a hard-fought and often tremulous independence, let us understand, really, at the core, what had made this country great, and what has kept it free.

    And understand that there are people out there who feel it their right, even their obligation, to take that legacy and change it into something foreign and incompatible with western, anglo-christian ethics.

    These people are already inside our borders. These people view patriotism as a sickness to be healed, or to be destroyed. And they must must be opposed, or the Great Experiment will finally fail. This is their goal. We must not let it happen.

    Happy 4th of July.


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