People of Color? What color am I?

Posted: June 28, 2006 in Celebrating Diversity

When we talk about “People of Color,” aren’t we really just coming up with a sugar-coated PC name for black people?  I mean, really, let’s be honest here.

 When was the last time you got away with calling a Chinese or asian person “yellow?”

 Or a Native American “red?”

There aren’t any greens or blues.  And clearly, a “person of color” is almost invariably “other than the color white.”  Am I right?  In that cute little sunday school song, I used to sing about, “Red and yellow, black and…and…uh, what was that last color again?

 Why do we have to distinguish someone as “a person of color,” rather than just as, “a person?”

How long must we perpetuate this culture of victimhood based on gender identity or skin color?   Are you an African-American, or an American?  Are you a Mexican-American, or an American?  Are you a black American? A yellow American?  A red American?

Or are you just an American?

An alloy is a mixture of other metals which, when melted together, lose some of the individual properties (read: identitites) to become something better, stronger, more durable.  If the composites don’t mix properly, but only loosely adhere while maintaining their own individual properties, the result is something brittle, fractured; something which which shatter at the first good blow it takes.

Are we a melting pot, a rich stew of various spices and flavors that once combined, cannot be separated, OR, are we a salad, and at the first tip of the plate, we’ll fly apart into a thousand pieces…the tomatoes this way, the carrots that, and the romaine stuck to the tablecloth?

  1. Gabriel... says:

    The funniest thing was, at the height of Political Correctness, black Canadians were being referring to as African-Americans. I’ve rarely heard anyone referred to as an African-Canadian, even though the vast majority of black Canadians are actually first generation immigrants so it might actually make sense. I have friends who, when they moved to the States, started referring to themselves as Canadian-Americans… funny people my friends.

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